Solos Health Announces Early Fever Detection Technology ‘FeverGuard’

Solos Health Analytics, an innovator in health and wellness, introduced FeverGuard.....

Image: Solos Health

Solos Health Analytics, an innovator in health and wellness, introduced FeverGuard — an intelligent wearable that gives users an early warning of a potential fever and provides opt-in contact tracing.

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“FeverGuard harnesses the ease and power of wearable technology to win the fight against COVID-19," says Mark Lewis, founder and CEO, Solos Health Analytics. "Our new wearable is a simple, low-cost solution to get people safely and quickly back to work, help government officials carefully reopen their economies, and stop the spread of an infectious virus. Early fever detection stops the spread, helps save lives and avoids business disruptions.”

"FeverGuard is the first solution of its kind that can learn a person's unique temperature pattern and recognize any irregularity from each person's baseline. No other method offers continuous monitoring and instant alerts. By giving immediate, continuous feedback on health status, FeverGuard is a game-changer," continues Lewis.

Each year, even with targeted vaccines, thousands of people still suffer from viral infections such as the seasonal flu — as well as ordinary colds. Fever is the most common early symptom of a virus or infection, says a press release.

“FeverGuard monitors temperature continuously, and through patent-pending machine learning technology and predictive analytics, alerts at the first sign of a fever, enabling employers, individuals, and other authorized entities, such as caregivers and healthcare professionals, to take immediate action to contain the spread of infectious viruses like COVID-19,” states Lewis.

The wearable health aid is an ideal solution for essential workers, U.S. military, healthcare and educational institutions, sports and entertainment venues, first responders, food service, hospitality and travel industries, retail settings, warehouse workers and delivery drivers, and quarantined groups.

Jim Martin, Fire Captain/Paramedic at San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, Alamo, California, said: “I’m excited about FeverGuard and its potential to save lives. As a participant in the initial research study I saw first-hand how early fever detection works, enabling people to act at the first sign of illness. The widespread use of FeverGuard, especially for those of us on the front lines of this pandemic, will help save lives,” states Martin.

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Explaining the significance of temperature data, Lewis says, “People are different; body temperature is not fixed as it rises and falls throughout the day, and not everyone has a "normal" temperature of 98.6 °F. FeverGuard's continuous monitoring technology learns each person's unique temperature pattern without the need for manual readings. FeverGuard issues an alert when an abnormal temperature is detected, indicating the onset of a fever, despite the medical standard of 98.6 °F and before most people develop symptoms.”

Sam Draper
August 6, 2020

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