Movesense sensor accelerates the development of health wearables and connected health solutions

Suunto Expands its Open Sensor Platform to the Medical Field...

Suunto Expands its Open Sensor Platform to the Medical Field

Suunto is making it easier to rapidly develop and bring to market new, accurate, low-cost solutions for motion-sensing and biometrics with Movesense, a sophisticated sensor and development environment. In application areas as diverse as sports, agriculture, manufacturing, and health care, Movesense can cut product development of wearable sensors from years to days.

Suunto has decided to introduce a new medical version of the Movesense sensor to the platform, Movesense MD. The Movesense MD is capable of recording single channel clinical quality ECG, motion and temperature signals, processing and sending the measurement data wirelessly to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy. Movesense MD will be certified as a class IIa Medical Device, according to the CE medical directive and is manufactured under ISO 60601 and ISO 13485 standards.

The Movesense sensor, which is just 36.6mm in diameter and less than 10 grams, includes a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, heart rate and ECG monitor, and temperature sensor, making it a powerful engine for health monitoring.

Versatile enough to replace years of hardware development for a startup and to integrate with established companies’ existing products, Movesense provides comprehensive data that can be used to monitor health status, support healthy lifestyle, and aid rehabilitation programs, among other varied applications.

“We have seen an increasing interest in the healthcare sector to use Movesense for preventive healthcare, remote monitoring, diagnostics and testing, tracking recovery and rehabilitation, among others. Therefore, we are expanding the platform with a medical version of the sensor,” says Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager at Movesense. “Movesense is a unique platform that enable fast development of cost-efficient wearable sensors for health use. With the new sensor, we want to make it easier for our customers to go through the regulatory process of medical products.”

“Developing, designing, and manufacturing hardware from scratch can take years and millions of dollars, draining the momentum of startups and enterprises alike. With Movesense, companies can leapfrog development to the actual application, focusing on their area of expertise and what will actually deliver value to customers,” says Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts at Movesense.

Movesense MD is currently undergoing reviews related to the medical certification and will be commercially available as soon as the registration has been granted. Developing applications for the Movesense MD sensor is already possible with existing elements of the Movesense platform.

Movesense development platform includes an open sensor API, software libraries and source code for building compatible mobile apps for iOS and Android, sample code modules for the sensor, desktop simulator for the sensor software, and physical accessories for attaching the sensor in different ways.

The Movesense MD sensor:

  • Measures single channel ECG, with a configurable sampling frequency
  • Is a Class IIa Medical Device Accessory
  • Has wireless data transfer via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Is available with OEM branding
  • Supports custom firmware
  • Can run custom algorithms developed by 3rd parties
  • Is swim- and shock-proof
  • Is designed and made in Finland by Suunto
  • Features a user-replaceable battery and state-of-the-art ultra-low-power components
  • Is one of the lightest and smallest wearable sensors on the market at less than 10 grams (0.35 ounces) with the battery
  • Will be available for patient use in during spring 2020.

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Movesense will be present at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA on Nov 18-21, 2019 - visit them in Hall 13 at Booth D46!

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Movesense is an open development environment for motion-sensing solutions. Developed in Finland by Suunto, a leading manufacturer of sports watches and dive computers, its easy and innovative tools accelerate measuring and sensing applications across sports, health care, manufacturing, and more. Learn more at

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