Qualcomm Introduces Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program to Help Accelerate Wearables Adoption

Qualcomm has introduced the Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program ...


Qualcomm has introduced the Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program. The program focuses on bringing together device manufacturers, mobile operators, platform players, independent hardware and software vendors, and system integrators to help accelerate wearable adoption and reduce the development time of wearables products.

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By emphasizing collaboration within an ecosystem centered on the Snapdragon Wear Platform, member companies could reduce the time to commercialization, increase business opportunities, and create more intelligent, connected wearables. Consumers can enjoy richer, more personalized experiences with devices designed to cater to their specific needs.

“We see tremendous potential for wearables in the coming years, though this comes with formidable challenges. How do we build systems to help meet growing demand and find proper solutions for an expanding market? The first and perhaps most important answer to this question comes by fostering an ecosystem where a diverse range of companies involved in the wearable technology chain share new and existing solutions within a universal platform,” Qualcomm said.

The Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program is attracting incredible companies from a wide range of industries and development points. Zebra Technologies, a manufacturing company specializing in real-time tracking, scanning, and analyzing for businesses, provides invaluable expertise in technology that can be applied to intuitive enterprise-focused wearables for smart, hands-free usage.  Best Buy Health, a leader in tech-enabled senior care, can offer next-generation wearables for seniors that support advanced remote patient monitoring and integration with health systems. Other companies are bringing their technological know-how of supply chains, connectivity, and industry knowledge to the ecosystem for a deep understanding of Snapdragon Wear and the Wearables industry.

Qualcomm Technologies’ Senior Director, Product Marketing, Pankaj Kedia, who heads the company’s wearables business, recently hosted a roundtable for the Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program featuring existing members and industry leaders from Verizon, Fossil, and Best Buy Health. Members discussed their thoughts on and vision for the wearables industry in the coming years and stressed the importance of an ecosystem program that brings everyone to the table for new solutions and innovation at every step, from production to deployment.

Companies connecting with one another on new solutions and optimizations at every stage of development is what will drive wearables into a new phase of adoption. We encourage companies with a vested interest in wearable development to apply to the Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program where they’ll benefit from shared knowledge of Snapdragon Wear optimizations and solutions. The offer is open to any company, and those that join will also be invited to our inaugural Qualcomm Wearable Ecosystem Accelerator Program summit in fall 2021, where collaborators and program member companies will join together to discuss trends and solutions in the wearables industry.

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“For decades, we built the foundational technologies that help people connect, compute, and communicate. One of the keys to our success — and the success of the wearables ecosystem — is a collaboration with other industry leaders and development specialists. Snapdragon Wear is helping a new mobile computing market thrive, and this program will accelerate progress and build lasting relationships,” Qualcomm said.

Sam Draper
September 28, 2021

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