Polar Adds ANT+ and Better Swim Tracking to New OH1 Heart Rate Strap

Polar has announced the OH1+, its latest heart rate sensor strap.

Image: Polar

Polar has announced the OH1+, its latest heart rate sensor strap. It’s a compact optical sensor, which can be worn on upper or lower arm, instead of around the chest, and is able to capture around 200 hours of heart rate activity.

While its predecessor, the OH1, was an excellent one, the new sensor makes heart rate tracking much simpler, reports Gadgets and Wearables.

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You can wear the Polar OH1 during any sport. With the OH1+ optical Heart Rate Sensor, you can keep tabs on your heart rate while you exercise on land or swim in the water, with a phone or watch, or without. When you’re on land, just clip the OH1 to the armband and wear it around your upper or lower arm. The data collected helps you enhance your workout by maintaining a steady, rhythmic pace while working out. That data can be wirelessly transmitted to be displayed and stored in an app, such as Polar Beat, or on the display of a fitness device.

Image: Polar

Polar included the swim goggle clip to allow you to have an easier transition from a land-based activity, like running, to the pool for some laps. It’s very simple to use, just pop the OH1 heart rate sensor in the clip and attach it to your goggles next to your temple. The sensor is water-resistant up to 98.4′. The OH1+ features plenty of memory to store 200 hours of data, allowing you to go device-free and synch and analyze these data later.

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“Chest straps and wrist-based monitoring have their places in training, but OH1 + was designed as a comfortable option when scenarios call for more evolved heart rate options,” said Riikka Rae, Product Segment Manager at Polar.

Utilizing Bluetooth and ANT+ technology, the OH1+ streams your live heart rate to compatible smartphones, gym equipment, fitness trackers, smart watches, and cycling computers.

It houses a 45mAh rechargeable battery with enough power to give you up to 12 hours of monitoring on a single charge. Simply plug in the USB adapter to a USB power adapter (not include) to recharge.

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April 9, 2019

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