Nymi Receives FIDO2 Biometric Passwordless Certification For Nymi Band 3.0

Nymi’s newest band the Nymi Band 3.0 has been certified as a FIDO2 authenticator, confirming the...


Nymi’s newest band the Nymi Band 3.0 has been certified as a FIDO2 authenticator, confirming the compliance of its biometric access control technology with the FIDO Alliance’s protocols for passwordless authentication.

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The company has been a member of the FIDO Alliance since 2014, and built its workplace wearable solution for compliance with the organization’s standards, reports Biometric Update.

The FIDO2 certification covers the Nymi Connected Worker Platform (CWP) in addition to the band itself. The CWP is an enterprise software platform that allows employees to use the Nymi Band to log into various workplace systems, thereby creating a streamlined authentication procedure across an entire organization.

The Band utilizes fingerprint recognition technology to verify the identity of the user and then provides ongoing passive authentication through the use of a heart rate monitor. This process eliminates the need for passwords and PIN codes and negates the threat that companies traditionally face when those passwords are lost or stolen.

The FIDO2 certification of Nymi CWP radically transforms the way workers interact with their digital environment, providing a unifying platform to simplify usability and strengthen privacy and security, the company states.

Benefits of the FIDO2 authentication

  • The Nymi Band now provides two-factor passwordless authentication for web applications and services that support FIDO2. Continuous biometric verification replaces PIN-based verification. FIDO2 functionality is only available while the user is authenticated.
  • Nymi Band implements CTAP2 (Client to Authenticator Protocol) over NFC.
  • Nymi Band can now store multiple key pairs for multiple relying parties.
  • The Nymi Band 3.0 can be registered as a security token with standard services such as Microsoft, Google, and many others.

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Nymi and partner rfIDEAS recently spoke over email with Biometric Update about the expansion of applications for biometric wearables in the workplace, and the likely staying power of those new uses.

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April 1, 2021

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