Nike Run Club App Helps You Take Your Running To a Whole New Level

The Nike Run Club App provides you with the guidance, inspiration, and innovation you need to...

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The Nike Run Club App provides you with the guidance, inspiration, and innovation you need to become a better athlete. Similar to the Adidas Runtastic app, the Nike Run Club guides its users through their run, telling them when to speed up, rest, or giving a little pep talk while running.

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Nike Run Club app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and it's free to download.

Who Might Be Benefitted More From Nike Run Club?

Beginners or intermediate runners will be most benefitted from the Nike Run Club app. The unique mix of training styles provided by the app can help runners build endurance, improve running pace, eliminate stress, and reach distance goals. The app will help the intermediate runners to run faster and longer, helping them become better athletes, reports PositiveFitnessBlog.

Here are more ways Nike Run Club Can help runners:

Tracking Progress

Gives you all the detail you need—pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits—and greater control over what you see during your run.


Nike Run Club will motivate you by delivering NRC’s custom Apple Music playlists, in-run cheers from friends, and encouragement from elite athletes.

Running Together

Easily compare and compete with friends and fellow runners—just hashtag your miles against specific goals or challenges to see where you stand.

Personalized Coaching

Your coaching starts with your goals and fitness level and adapts as you progress. Nike Run Club’s coaches give you key pointers, tell you when to push yourself. They also tell you about the importance of hydration, and so on.

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Sharing Your Run

Personalize your posts by adding photos, stats, and stickers, then customize who sees it—your entire social network, or just your Nike friends.

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March 4, 2021

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