IFA 2019: Garmin Unveils Four New Smartwatches, Including the New Venu

After announcing its Fenix 6 flagship GPS watch with solar charging last week, Garmin is....

Image: Garmin

After announcing its Fenix 6 flagship GPS watch with solar charging last week, Garmin is back with three more wearables for fitness buffs at the IFA 2019. The new watches include the new Venu lineup of GPS watches as well as Vivoactive 4, Vivomove, and Garmin Legacy Hero.

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The new Venu smartwatch has a bright, colorful OLED display, which can be set to an always-on mode to function as a proper watch. While it looks a lot like the Apple Watch, the Venu offers a much longer battery life and 24/7 health monitoring beyond anything Apple currently provides. If you’re focused on health and wellness, the Venu is for you. The watch offers various health tracking features like heart rate alerts, pulse oximeter, respiration tracking, sleep tracking, stress tracking, hydration tracking, menstrual cycle tracking and more. Venu is meant to be worn 7/24, designed to alert you to important events while in the office, help you meet your fitness goals in the gym, and pay for your groceries on the way home. The Venu is priced at $399.99 with its 1.2-inch display and battery life up to five days or six hours with GPS and music playing. It’ll come in four color options including slate and black, rose gold and sand, silver and granite blue, and gold with black.


Garmin will release 4 watches in the Vivomove series: 3S, 3, Style and Luxe. This is Garmin’s fashion-focused line of watches. They may not look like sports watches, but they are designed to wear daily, at the office, while going out offering many of Garmin’s fitness and health features like Heart rate, pulse oximeter, stress tracking, sleep tracking and more.  The watch’s touchscreen display has a hidden feature that appears only when you need it. Prices range from $249 to $549 and they come in various colors, sizes and band options, reports ZDNet.

Garmin Vivomove Series (Image: Garmin)

Vivoactive 4 and Vivoactive 4S

The new Vivoactive 4 and Vivoactive 4S come in two case sizes and six color combinations. The have many of the features that are offered in the Venu such as Body Battery, Pulse oximeter, Stress tracking and more. The watches also feature Garmin Pay, offline music, smartphone notifications, Connect IQ, and more. The price is $349.99.

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Legacy Hero

The new Garmin Legacy Hero Series comes with two options: First Avenger (Captain America) and Captain Marvel. While Garmin offered these types of superhero watches for kids in the past, these new watches are meant for adults. The watch has a touchscreen sunlight-visible display. Other features include: smartphone notifications, downloadable music, Garmin Pay, and Connect IQ. The advanced fitness features include Body Battery, Respiration, Pulse oximeter, Animated workouts, and much more. Running, golfing, cycling, and many other sports are also included. The watches are priced at $399.99.

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September 10, 2019

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