Nanusens Surpasses £200,000 Funding Target, Nearing £350,000

Nanusens has surpassed its £200,000 (US$259,833) initial funding target.

Image: Nanusens

Nanusens, a Spain-based nanotechnology company, has surpassed its £200,000 (US$259,833) initial funding target. The funding round is now nearing £350,000 (US$ 454,739) from more than 400 investors. Just six months ago, the company secured €1 million through its previous Crowdcube round.

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Founded in 2014, Nanusens makes smaller sensor chips that are found in mobile phones with a standard manufacturing process widely used in the semiconductor industry, called CMOS. In the next 1-2 years, the company aims to deliver new products that are designed to be lower cost, better performance and reliable, which are key requirements for smartphones and earbuds, reports Crowdfund Insider.

“Nanusens has patent pending technology to solve these challenges. Our competition uses proprietary manufacturing processes, which we believe has limited production capability, higher cost, and uses legacy equipment. This equipment is unable to build submicron feature sizes into the devices, leading to higher cost, bigger size and lower performance. At Nanusens we use an existing standard manufacturing process called CMOS, which is typically used for conventional solid-state chips and therefore do not have any mechanical moving parts inside. By using this process, we benefit from the existing large economy of scale of these fabs, leading to lower cost, smaller size and better performance,” says Nanusens.

Chip layout showing two motion sensor structures integrated with the control electronics on a single chip (Image: Nanusens)

The company said its first target is the mobile phone industry and it has added another rapidly growing target, earbuds. “Our first target is the mobile phone industry, which sees around 1.5bn smartphones sold per year. And we have added another rapidly growing target market, earbuds. It is served mainly by the same companies, and requires even smaller chips, which we believe we can do better than anybody else.”

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May 9, 2019

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