Joint Efforts to Combat the Crisis of Physical Inactivity

World leading sporting goods companies have joined forces to combat the alarming global inactivity.

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Leading global sporting goods and fitness companies have united to address the alarming rise in physical inactivity, revealed by new data from the World Health Organization (WHO). The findings show that 31% of adults are inactive, with projections indicating this could rise to 35% by 2030. Additionally, 81% of adolescents are not meeting the necessary activity levels for good health. The economic impact of this inactivity could exceed $300 billion by 2030 due to preventable health conditions such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even cancer.

In response, major companies including adidas, Amer Sports, ANTA, arena, ASICS, Cycleurope, Decathlon, Li-Ning, New Balance, Nike, On, Orbea, Pentland Brands, PUMA, Restube, Shimano, SHRED., Specialized, SRAM, Tecnica Group, Under Armour, Wearable Technologies and Yonex, have joined forces under the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI). This coalition aims to leverage the industry's collective power to promote active lifestyles.

WFSGI Chair Andy Rubin emphasized, “Despite being competitors, we are coming together to share our expertise and engage people in community sports and physical activity.” Fiona Bull, Head of WHO's Physical Activity Unit added, “They have a wealth of knowledge that can be used as a global good; they understand consumers and have insights into behaviour change. We expect this MOU to help mobilize the sporting industry to show-case good practice, and provide opportunities for a valuable exchange that will help WHO support countries to increase physical activity levels.“

Industry Commitments:

  1. Raise Awareness: Increase media and government attention on physical inactivity.
  2. Support Active Lifestyles: Promote physical activity through marketing and community engagement.
  3. Leverage Major Events: Use sporting events to highlight the importance of physical activity.
  4. Create Partnerships: Collaborate to foster active workplace environments and healthy lifestyles.

To the WHO press release
To the WFSGI press release

Sam Draper
June 27, 2024

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