The Long-Rumored Google Pixel Watch Is Here, Check Out The Photos

The famous Apple leaker Jon Prosser has released a video that shows the first pictures of the up...

Photo credit: Jon Prosser

The famous Apple leaker Jon Prosser has released a video that shows the first pictures of the upcoming Google Pixel watch.

The Google Pixel Watch, according to Prosser, could launch in October, alongside the rumored Pixel 6 smartphone. The smartwatch seems to have taken inspiration from Samsung and Apple offerings by including a wrap-around display and a crown, respectively.

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In January 2019, it became apparent that Google was tinkering with its own watch when the company bought smartwatch technology from Fossil worth 40 million US dollars.

As per the rendered images, the Google Pixel Watch has the codename “Rohan”. (Rohan is the name of the horse kingdom from Middle-earth in the novel series " Lord of the Rings "- Note from the Red). In addition, Prosser received" an incredible amount of image material "from a Google source. The only condition of the source: Prosser should not publish the original images, but may create corresponding render images and use them with his For this reason he worked with the 3D render artist Ian Zelbo for the Pixel Watch. Zelbo not only recreated the design of the Pixel Watch but also first glimpses of the software and bracelets.

Prosser stirs up high expectations saying, it is the best smartwatch he has ever seen. That says a lot. The renders show the watch sporting a circular dial with multiple silicone band options, suggesting that Google may allow users to easily swap bands.

As per Prosser, Google will offer around 20 band options with the Pixel Watch. In an episode of his YouTube show “Front Page Tech,” the tipster says that the renders are based on marketing material he had seen from a source within Google. He collaborated with Ian Zelbo for the renders.

Nothing concrete is known about the specifications yet, but it is presumed that the Google Pixel Watch will run Wear OS by Google, the company's operating system for smartwatches, reports Gadgets360. It also may come equipped with a heart rate sensor and multiple sports modes.

After the Fitbit takeover, we became curious to see how Google and wearables will continue. Will Fitbit OS and Wear OS be developed in parallel? Will Fitbit continue to be offered at all if you'd rather push the Pixel line? These are some exciting questions for the rest of the year.

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We will of course keep our eyes open and will submit more details as soon as we find out more on this story.

Sam Draper
April 27, 2021

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