Hapbee Offering Three Holiday-Themed Blends For Hapbee Subscribers With Wearables

Hapbee Technologies, the smart wearable, wellness technology company today announced three ...

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Hapbee Technologies, the smart wearable, wellness technology company today announced three special holiday-themed blends that can be enjoyed through the Hapbee smart wearable device and app.

Grounded in science, the Hapbee Smart Wearable is designed to help people find calm, improve focus, sleep, and performance. The new blends were designed with the holidays in mind – time for recuperation, festive gatherings, and family get-togethers.

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"Getting into the holiday spirit can be a struggle for some and Hapbee is there to lend a helping hand – without the unwanted side effects of ingesting a stimulant," said Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee. "Hapbee helps people control how they want to feel, sleep, create and play. A series of Holiday Blends seemed like the perfect gift to offer to our community of subscribers combined with our smart wearable innovation."

Hapbee subscribers will now be able to choose from a total of 22 signature lifestyle blends and will automatically receive the new holiday blends when they update the Hapbee App to the latest release – free for download from the App Store and Google Play, the company said in a press release.

Overview of New Holiday Blends:

  • Winter's Nap: An engineered blend derived from digital Melatonin and CBD.
  • Set the timer for 30 minutes for a cat nap between chores or for 2 hours for a power snooze before the big game or an outing with friends.
  • Oh Joy: An engineered blend derived from digital caffeine and alcohol
  • Ring in the holiday season with a digital boost of fun and frolic. No need to open a bottle to feel the warm rush of merriment. Just dial into this fun blend combining some of your favorite "refreshers" without any of the side effects.
  • Family Time: An engineered blend derived from digital CBD and alcohol
  • Climb into the right state of relaxation that will make hours with family (especially in-laws) melt away. Blended to help you take the edge off and ensure this holiday season is the chilliest one yet.

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About Hapbee

Hapbee is an innovative wearable wellness technology company that helps people enhance how they feel. Powered by patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE) technology, Hapbee delivers low-power electromagnetic lifestyle blends designed to produce sensations such as Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, and others. The Company has offices in Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, and Phoenix.

Sam Draper
December 21, 2021

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