Google Files Patent for a Gesture-Based Smartwatch That Could Be Used for Video Conferencing

Google has filed a patent application for a smartwatch-like wearable device.

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Google has filed a patent application for a smartwatch-like wearable device which will act upon a user’s gestures.

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The device would be secured to the user’s wrist, and would pick up on their hand motions and other gestures through an assemblage of sensors. These gestures would be used for both predefined and customizable actions.

The patent tiled “Gesture-Based Small Device Input,” which was recently found in the internet, shows how a smartwatch can be controlled using what Google calls “virtual mouse pad”.

What’s explained in the patent is how users can use their fingers as stylus to interact with the smartwatch. This new way of communicating with a smartwatch will finally make smartwatches worth and will allow users to perform actions such as, reply to texts and compose emails. The patent shows sensors in pairs to approximate the position of the finger relative to each sensor location, thereby providing better depth perception.

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The technology could be used for things like group webinars, video meetings, collaboration and more.

The potential use cases for such a technology are limited to users’ needs and imaginations, and this could be a very exciting news for those who use video conference software regularly, reports Android Headlines.

For those who use video conference software regularly, this is likely to be very exciting news. For patents like these, there are usual caveats. It means that Google is essentially putting a claim on the idea and the requisite technology. And this usually means that Google may or may not put out this product in the future.

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January 2, 2019

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