Golf Fans Can See Players’ Heart Rates Thanks to New Partnership with Whoop

Golf fans who have been curious what the golfer's heart rate is during a game may be able to find...

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Golf fans who have been curious what the golfer's heart rate is during a game may be able to find out. A multi-year partnership between the human performance company WHOOP and the PGA TOUR will implement a WHOOP Live for Charity initiative to highlight player biometric data and heart rate during defining moments throughout the season with those real-time metrics integrated into video content. Featured players will receive a $10,000 contribution to the charity of their choice on behalf of WHOOP and the TOUR.

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“We are excited to grow our partnership with WHOOP and utilize their health technology to optimize the way our athletes train, recover and sleep,” said Brian Oliver, PGA TOUR Executive Vice President of Corporate Partnerships. “Our athletes understand the importance of maintaining their health to ensure peak competitive performance, career longevity, and overall well-being. The WHOOP Strap will help our athletes unlock actionable insights via physiological data to help them understand and prepare their bodies for competition. We’re eager to begin a first-of-its-kind activation at the TOUR that will incorporate player biometric data with defining moments from the golf course to create fascinating content for fans.”

The PGA Tour will use Whoop fitness straps to show the heart rates and other biometric data of players “during defining moments throughout the season,” it announced. The new project could provide interesting data for golf fans by showing which players control their physiology best under pressure, reports PGA TOUR.

The latest Whoop Strap 3.0 uses your heart rate to measure your sleep quality, workout intensity, and recovery while providing advice on how to improve in those areas.

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The Tour had already distributed around 1,000 of the devices to players on the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, and PGA TOUR Champions circuits. On top of helping players monitor their fitness, data from the strap may have indirectly identified the first case of COVID-19 on tour with player Nick Watney. “They've done studies where, if your respiratory rate goes up during the night... that's sort of a telltale sign that you might have something,” said major champ Rory McIlroy back in June. “It was actually his Whoop that told [Watney] his respiratory rate went up, and that's why he thought maybe he could have it.”

Sam Draper
March 17, 2021

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