Evomo’s New Software Tool Classifies Sports Exercises with a Single Movesense Sensor

Evomo, a Dresden, Germany-based startup has developed a technology that...

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Evomo, a Dresden, Germany-based startup has developed a technology that can evaluate human movements with a single Movesense sensor. Movesense will exhibit at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA on Nov 18-21, 2019 in Hall 13 Booth D46.

The company provides their solution as an SDK to other companies like software providers and mobile app developers to give them new opportunities for interacting with users. This enables Evomo’s customers to develop new innovative features for market advantages.

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Evomo’s vision is to push the digitization of the fitness industry and to set new standards in movement tracking.

Today, wearable technology occupies a big part of our daily life. From healthcare to sports and fashion, wearable tech is everywhere. Runners are measuring speed, distance and heart rate, cyclists monitor power and cadence, but there are still no easy solutions for individual sports participants to track their strength training, reports Movesense.

Evomo decided to do something about it. The company wants to make strength training trackers available to every participant with the lowest possible entry hurdle. The company’s unique machine learning system detects and classifies strength exercises with a single Movesense sensor. The device can be worn around the chest, on the wrist, or upper arm. The sensor evaluates the acceleration data of the movements in real time and can provide feedback.

The user’s mobile app gives feedbacks like “Your squat becomes unclean,” “Three more push-ups to your personal best,” or “23 burpees in 1 min”.

Jakob Wowy, CTO of Evomo, named the most important point to create user acceptance for such an innovative new technology. “The key is accuracy. To achieve an accuracy of more than 95%, we had to record hundreds of thousands of repetitions with hundreds of subjects and train our algorithm with it. Technology today simply has to work flawlessly. It must feel like magic and the user should not notice the complex AI processes in the background.”

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Next, Evomo intends to enter the healthcare market and further develop the technology to support digital rehabilitation and prevention programs with apps. Their aim is to create a tool that relieves the workload of fully loaded therapists and increases patient compliance with the help of a digital support tool.

Sam Draper
September 3, 2019

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