Direct-to-Person Digital Flu Monitoring Program Launch

To do so, Evidation brought together individuals, researchers, and public & private organizations.

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Evidation, the company that connects directly with individuals to measure health in everyday life, has launched FluSmart, a digital flu monitoring program that brings together individuals, researchers, and public and private organizations to understand flu at its earliest stages.

Evidation’s FluSmart is a nationwide program that helps people proactively understand risk factors for flu and provides personalized insights related to flu and influenza-like illness. Using user-permission data from wearables and self-reported information, Evidation alerts individuals when a change is detected that may be correlated with flu-like symptoms and prompts them to complete a symptom survey. Individuals can report flu symptoms at any time and do not need a wearable to participate in the program. When appropriate, Evidation can also direct eligible individuals to relevant resources, including clinical studies in their geographic area, reports Evidation.

FluSmart continues Evidation’s industry-leading work measuring flu and flu-like illnesses using wearables. Evidation has developed machine learning detection models to compare flu and COVID and validated and extended this work with collaborators. Evidation’s algorithms have already been trained with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people; almost 90,000 people have already signed up to participate in FluSmart on Evidation in 2022, with enrollment ongoing via the Evidation app.

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“FluSmart helps individuals learn about meaningful changes in their activity data and get insights using Evidation’s battle-tested algorithms and information they share with us,” said Christine Lemke, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Evidation. “We have been studying and characterizing influenza-like illness using wearables since 2017, and FluSmart makes this expertise actionable for individuals. In addition to helping identify potentially symptomatic individuals, Evidation’s predictive models have proved effective for engaging diverse and historically underrepresented populations.”

Evidation is committed to user privacy and consent, and participation in the program requires users to opt-in to any research use of their data.

To participate or learn more about FluSmart on Evidation, visit the Evidation website.

About Evidation

Evidation creates new ways to measure and improve health in everyday life. Built upon a foundation of user privacy and control over permissioned health data, Evidation's consumer platform is trusted by millions of individuals—generating data with unprecedented speed, scale, and rigor. We partner with leading healthcare companies to understand health and disease outside the clinic walls. Evidation is working to bring people individualized, proactive, and accessible healthcare—faster. Founded in 2012, Evidation is headquartered in California with employees working around the globe.

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December 18, 2022

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