greenteg Announces World`s First Fever Algorithm

First fever algorithm for Continuous and Non-Invasive core body temperature tracking on the wrist.

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greenteg AG announces the development of the world`s first fever algorithm for Continuous and Non-Invasive core body temperature tracking on the wrist.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important early detection of fever is to avoid spreading of the disease. But it doesn’t stop with only detecting fever. To guarantee the best possible treatment pathways for patients, monitoring the core body temperature has proven to be one of the most important vital parameters for health professionals. By enabling to track this parameter on the wrist, the acceptance of patients to adhere to continuous monitoring will be further strengthened.

Until two years ago, non-invasive, and continuous tracking of the relevant metric, the core body temperature, has not been possible with wearable devices accurately. greenteg changed that with the chest-worn CORE sensor, and now announces that the R&D department has successfully achieved another breakthrough innovation. Based on data collected on people receiving their second or third COVID-19 vaccination shot, where fever is a common side effect, they developed a new wrist algorithm, which enables detecting fever and continuously tracking its development on the wrist.

Based on the CALERA® solution, greenteg has found a way to compensate the environmental and thermoregulatory influences which are particularly expressed on the wrist. As the wrist is used for thermoregulation, the local temperature behaves opposite to what is observed in the internal organs. It goes down when fever occurs because the body retracts all the heat into its center. Similarly, when the body is recovering from fever, the wrist temperature increases, while the core body temperature sinks to normal levels. These circumstances made the wrist one of the hardest places to measure the core body temperature so far, but with their heat-flux based CALERA® solution and the newly developed algorithm, greenteg now overcomes these problems.

Dr. Lukas Durrer, CTO & Co-founder of greenteg, says: “Developing a fever tracking algorithm on the wrist is like climbing the Mount Everest: both is very hard to do but not impossible. I believe this technology will play a key role in future pandemic monitoring.”

The new wrist algorithm is already in commercialization stage. greenteg could win well-known OEM companies to integrate the Calera® solution into their devices and take advantage of the new fever algorithm for wrist worn devices, one of the first customers is Corsano with the Cardiowatch 287-2.

About greenteg

Founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), greenteg develops, manufactures, and markets thermal sensors and provides consulting on the thermal integration of its products. Its team consists of 40+ specialists in various engineering disciplines, with all sensors fully developed and manufactured in Zurich, Switzerland.

Today, greenteg supplies original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and corporate/university labs around the world with its unique products.

Jürgen Thalmayer
November 3, 2022

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