Cutting-Edge AI Pin: Apparel-Adhesive Wearable

Humane AI Pin may be used to search for information, send texts, and make calls—all functions...

Image Credits: Humane (Youtube)

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple executives Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, has unveiled the AI pin, an apparel-adhesive wearable gadget. The AI pin offers a variety of functionalities by utilizing projectors, sensors, and AI technology. It is a small, lightweight, wearable gadget without a screen. The AI pin can control other devices and offer contextual information by using cameras, microphones, and accelerometers.

“AI Pin is the embodiment of our vision to integrate AI into the fabric of daily life, enhancing our capabilities without overshadowing our humanity,” the startup’s founders said in a release. “We are proud to finally unveil what we and the team at Humane have been working on for the past four years. For us, AI Pin is just the beginning.”

The Ai Pin can be tapped to talk to a virtual assistant powered by technologies from ChatGPT-creator OpenAI and cloud computing power from Microsoft. It uses a laser projection system to display text and monochromatic images on a user's hand, reports Reuters.

The device does not have a screen but there is a touchpad. Moreover, the pin responds to motions. The Ai Pin is made to be used independently of a tethered smartphone, in contrast to the plethora of other items that claim to be able to free us from our addiction to screens. This is accomplished by the use of a T-Mobile-based Humane-branded wireless network.

The Laser Ink Display, which replaces the touchscreen with a projection of text, such as an incoming call, is by far the most visually fascinating component of this setup.

When the built-in speaker and camera on the AI Pin are activated, a light will flash. Humane's web app allows you to watch the photo or video that is taken when you double-tap the pin.

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According to the presentation, the device can translate spoken conversations from Spanish to English and vice versa in real-time in addition to sending and receiving texts.

Instead of downloading apps, users can use the internet to access AI services. According to the corporation, AI services are being contributed by Microsoft, Google, Open AI, and other businesses. Clients can ask for information or to "play songs," and huge language models will respond. To access music, you must have a Tidal subscription.

The assistant on the gadget can also provide a summary of the user's daily schedule, messages received, and health information like how much protein they've had today.

The AI pin costs $699. In addition to the upfront cost of the device, customers will have to pay a $24 monthly data subscription toT-Mobile, the company said. Having a separate phone number means that, unlike smart watches, the pin isn’t tethered to a smartphone.

Sam Draper
November 27, 2023

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