Launch of an Annual Wellness Checkup

VirtualCheckup is a new way for employed Americans and their partners to get an annual wellness exam

VirtualCheckup Kits are shipped directly to the home (Image credit: Catapult Health)

Catapult Health, a Dallas-based company serving 3,500 employers with over 2 million covered lives, announced the launch of VirtualCheckup for all, a revolutionary new way for employed Americans and their spouses/partners to get their annual wellness exam. By proactively sending a VirtualCheckup engagement kit to each person’s home, Catapult is transforming preventive care into an “auto-enroll” health benefit, much like employers did with their 401(k) plans 20 years ago. Catapult expects their new approach to double or triple the percentage of individuals who get their wellness exam each year.

“The days of people waiting weeks or months to get a doctor’s appointment for an annual wellness exam are over,” says David Michel, CEO of Catapult Health. “And with 80% of Americans avoiding or skipping their preventive care each year, a tsunami of undiagnosed disease is looming on the horizon. It’s time to remove the friction and take the annual wellness visit into each person’s home, virtually.”

Since launching its VirtualCheckup in September 2020, Catapult has already performed over 100,000 in-home virtual checkups nationally. VirtualCheckup is already a covered benefit for hundreds of America’s largest corporations and major national health plans, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, reports BusinessWire.

To help drive mass adoption, Catapult has partnered with Tasso, a company whose mission is to revolutionize at-home blood collection. “Tasso’s patient-centric device enables easy, virtually painless remote (home) blood collection from a patient’s upper arm,” says Michel.“Getting a routine checkup at the doctor’s office is such a hassle, so we take preventive care into each employee’s home, which most Americans prefer.”

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With VirtualCheckup for all, a comprehensive home kit containing Tasso’s device is proactively delivered to each person’s home. Following simple step-by-step instructions, the recipient sends a small blood sample, two blood pressure readings, and a few physical measurements to Catapult’s laboratory in Dallas. A few days later, the participant meets via secure video with a board-certified Catapult Nurse Practitioner who assesses personal and family health history, reviews medication compliance, screens for depression, discusses test results, creates a personal action plan, and refers the individual to health improvement programs offered by their employer or health plan. Catapult’s VirtualCheckup® is a covered benefit offered through employers and health plans nationally.

About Catapult Health

Catapult Health is the leading provider of virtual preventive care in America. With 3,500 employer customers and over 2 million covered lives, Catapult has revolutionized the annual preventive exam with its VirtualCheckup. Catapult’s solution targets health risks that lead to depression, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease and a recent third-party actuarial analysis of 416,000 patient records over 3 years revealed potential savings of $2.19 for every $1 invested.

Jürgen Thalmayer
November 4, 2022

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