Evernorth Expands Its Digital Health Formulary

Including five new app-based programs to help people better manage their anxiety and sleep issues.

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Evernorth, the health services business of Cigna Corporation, has expanded its Digital Health Formulary to include five new app-based programs to help people better manage their sleep issues, anxiety, alcohol and opioid use disorders, and inflammatory conditions. In a crowded digital health marketplace, Evernorth's Digital Health Formulary is a clinically based platform of verified, credible health apps designed to help people achieve their health goals.  

Solutions on the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary have been reviewed by physicians, pharmacists, and user experience experts. Each solution must meet standards for clinical effectiveness, compliance security and privacy requirements, value, and usability to be included, according to a press release.

"Evernorth continues to expand our Digital Health Formulary to address unmet health care needs of patients with chronic and complex medical conditions," said Dr. Glen Stettin, Chief Innovation Officer, Evernorth. "The latest additions give patients access to new and affordable options to improve and maintain their health while making it easier and cost-effective for our clients to include these solutions in their benefit plans. The Digital Health Formulary is one of the ways we can connect employers, insurers, and patients with innovative, affordable, and evidence-based care that meet their broader healthcare needs."

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The five digital solutions added to the Digital Health Formulary are:

  • Big Health's Sleepio for insomnia
  • Big Health's Daylight for anxiety
  • Quit Genius for alcohol use disorder
  • Quit Genius for opioid use disorder, rounding out a suite of addiction support solutions from Quit Genius
  • HealthBeacon's Injectable Care Management System for inflammatory conditions

Evernorth has also launched a series of pilot programs, with a variety of scopes and scales, through the Digital Health Formulary to further evaluate the clinical impact and user experience of solutions that address additional categories of care. The four pilot programs are:

  • Jasper for oncology
  • Zerigo for psoriasis and eczema
  • Hinge Health for women's pelvic health, which will enhance Hinge Health's Digital Musculoskeletal Clinic that was added as a preferred solution in 2021
  • Lid Sync™ for medication treatment adherence

Benefit plans covering more than 20 million U.S. members offer solutions from the Digital Health Formulary to their members, and it delivers average administrative savings of more than $120,000 per solution. Plan sponsors can choose to offer individual digital solutions or incorporate them into one of Evernorth's connected care programs, which safely integrates biometric data from the digital health solutions with pharmacy, medical, and lab data while protecting patient privacy. With this comprehensive view, plan sponsors can identify gaps in care and health opportunities more quickly than when using a standalone solution — ultimately leading to better health outcomes for patients, improved insights for providers, and greater value for health plans.

About Evernorth

Evernorth creates and connects premier health services offerings, including benefits management, pharmacy, care solutions, insights, and intelligence. With an open approach to partnering across the healthcare landscape, they deliver innovative and flexible solutions for health plans, employers, and government programs. Evernorth capabilities are powered by their family of companies, including Express Scripts, Express Scripts® Pharmacy, Accredo, eviCore, and MDLIVE, along with holistic Evernorth platforms and solutions that elevate health and drive progress for people and businesses. All Evernorth solutions are serviced and provided by or through operating affiliates of Evernorth Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cigna Corporation, or third-party partners.

Jürgen Thalmayer
October 12, 2022

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