Brilliant Labs Unveils Open-Source AR Lens

Brilliant Labs announced the release of its arGPT smart glasses platform.

Tuesday saw the debut of Brilliant Labs' arGPT smart glasses platform. It will enable ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) on wearables and smart glasses that run Apple's iOS operating system.

The next-generation approach to human-computer interaction(HCI) uses voice prompts to enable hands-free access to vast knowledge sets. Wearers of the company's Monocle AR device receive a heads-up display (HUD), providing a significant advantage for individuals looking to streamline their daily activities.

Monocle is a pocket-sized AR device for the imaginative hacker. Weighing just 15g, the camera captures at 720p with a display output at 640x400. The device pairs via Bluetooth and can be programmed through a web interface, with your device providing additional computing power.

The Brilliant Labs solution will give workspaces and businesses cutting-edge workflow capabilities for those with prior ChatGPT knowledge. Employees can use their augmented reality (AR) HUDs on their Monocle smartphones to develop real-time translations, research, summaries, and other important features, reports XRToday.

Additionally, Monocle will improve location-based ChatGPT answers by introducing real-time translations that happen automatically without user involvement. The platform can be used by wearers to conduct fact checks, find important trip information, and interact with audiences using augmented teleprompters.

Added features include things like embedded microphones, highly visible AR displays, and a 5-megapixel camera. Along with Bluetooth connectivity, the gadget has generative AI capabilities using Language Learning Models (LLMs) and Diffusion Models for content creation.

According to a statement from Bobak Tavangar, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Brilliant Labs, such technologies could support the "growing demand for ChatGPT." The platform currently has over 300 million users, which has increased the use cases for immersive gadgets.

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ArGPT, he continued, would eventually become the "ideal solution for AR wearables as we inch closer to a future where persistent AI assistants are a reality."

Tavangar suggested Brilliant Labs' possible future as a significant AI solution for the XR market in a brief chat with XR Today.

The former Apple executive served as the Product Design Program Lead for the Cupertino-based tech giant in the past. He created the company's supply chain technology platform when he was there.

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September 4, 2023

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