Amazfit T-Rex Pro to the Test: Rugged Second-Generation Smartwatch for the Outdoors Enthusiasts

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro looks like a perfect companion for everyone who likes to be outdoors: a...

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The Amazfit T-Rex Pro looks like a perfect companion for everyone who likes to be outdoors: a bulky, robust watch with all the features you need to explore the outdoors.

With the Amazfit T-Rex Pro, Huami, a close partner of Xiaomi, has launched a model that is said to score with its resilience. For around 170 euros you can get a wearable that also has GPS on board. This allows outdoor workouts to be tracked without the smartphone has to be in your luggage.

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What’s New in the Pro Version?

Externally, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro looks like the basic version. The subtle differences lie in the sensors: The Pro version comes with a barometric altitude sensor that shows the air pressure and altitude. A SpO2 sensor estimates the oxygen saturation in the blood - a function that many current wearables have on board, but which offers little added value because the measurement is not medically accurate.

The watch recognizes workouts automatically. However, this function is deactivated at the factory because it consumes electricity. It can be switched on via the settings on the watch. Unlike the basic version, the watch also records the physiological activity (PAI), a measure devised by the manufacturer for sporting activities in which the heart rate increases. It also calculates training values: the training load, the recovery and the endurance value VO 2 max (maximum oxygen uptake).

Fitness functions in a practical test

The Pro version of the T-Rex has plenty of sensors for recording training, reports Computer Bild. In the practical test, the heart rate was correct even when the arms moved a lot. The route of a bicycle tour they recorded correctly, the results showed in the app as a map, and took into account the distance covered in altitude. The watch recognizes according to the manufacturer, if you are walking, running, cycling, swimming or exercising on the elliptical or rowing machine. The setting of the detection can be adjusted to three levels of sensitivity. If the watch has noticed a training session, it indicates this and automatically records the training session. In the practical test, the watch, for example, recognized a walk after only two minutes with the most sensitive setting and also noticed when it was over. Then a countdown to the end of the training starts, which you can stop at the push of a button if the training should continue. The sleeping hours’ notice automatically recorded in the practice test sleep duration and phases reliably.

Technical data of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro

  • Display:3 inches, AMOLED, 360 x 360 pixels, touchscreen with anti-fingerprint coating, always-on function
  • Operating systems: RTOS
  • Companion app: Zepp
  • Sensors: heart rate monitor, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer, ambient light sensor, geomagnetic sensor, SpO2 sensor
  • Sport modes: Over 100 pieces: running (indoor/outdoor), cycling, swimming, skateboarding, rowing, volleyball, soccer, and much more.
  • GPS: GPS + GLONASS, GPS + BeiDou, GPS + Galilelo
  • Bluetooth0 BLE
  • Battery: 390 mAh
  • Charging time: about 1.5 hours
  • Waterproof: 10 ATM waterproof
  • Material: Polycarbonate (case) / silicone (bracelet)
  • Dimensions/Weight:7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm / 59.4 g (with bracelet)
  • Other special features: step and calorie counter, customizable watch face, sleep tracking, weather display, display of notifications, control of music playback, accepting/rejecting calls, PAI evaluation, automatic recording of eight workouts
  • Compatible with mobile devices from Android 5.0 or Apple iOS 10.0

Amazfit T-Rex Pro battery

The battery of the T-Rex Pro is the same size as the battery of the basic version and lasts for 390 mAh. In the practical test, the watch lasted five days with a permanent time display and heart rate measurement. The manufacturer is a bit more optimistic and promises nine days of runtime with heavy use and 40 hours with activated GPS tracking.

Price, colors, and availability

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is now on sale at the official price of 169.90 euros. For comparison: the T-Rex has a recommended retail price of 139.90 euros, but is available from retailers from 90 euros. The manufacturer sells the "Pro" through its in-house shop and through dealers. The watch comes in black with a black-gray strap ("Meteorite Black"), in beige-gray ("Desert Gray") and petrol ("Steel Blue"). A smartphone from Android 5 or iOS 10 with the Zepp app is required for setup and use.

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The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a good wearable in and of itself. What’s lacking is the ability to track workouts and control music playback at the same time. There is tough competition in the form of the Honor Watch GS Pro, which (apart from offers) is a bit more expensive, but also has a microphone and loudspeaker and can control the aforementioned control of the music in parallel with tracking. Especially since their battery life is a little longer.

Sam Draper
April 22, 2021

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