Amazfit Plans to Launch Smartwatches with ECG and Blood Pressure Monitoring in the U.S.

Huami is said to be working on introducing new features on its Amazfit brand of smartwatches...

Huami is said to be working on introducing new features on its Amazfit brand of smartwatches. With various products under its portfolio, including affordable health trackers, experts are guessing that Huami will introduce ECG and blood pressure monitoring, improvements in AI deep learning, and possible Spotify integration.

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This was disclosed in an interview by Zepp Health COO Mike Yeung. Zepp is a separate brand under Huami just like the Amazfit brand, reports GizmoChina. Mr. Yeung hinted that Huami was currently engaging with the US FDA to get its algorithm certified and also working on areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. He also stated that the company was already in partnership with Alivecor in the US.

“We are currently engaging with the US FDA and on areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. While we are getting our own algorithm to be FDA certified, we are already in partnership with AliveCor here in the States,” Mr. Yeung said.

Yeung also disclosed details on a potential Spotify partnership to help bring a standalone app for future Zepp Health devices. The goal of this partnership is to raise publicity and user interest in the US. Another point of focus is getting contactless payments onboard.

In 2018, Huami acquired Silicon Valley-based smart wearable company Zepp. The takeover has helped Huami to elevate further into the smart wearables space with new innovations and technologies.

“Everybody heard about how Apple Watch got FDA approval, but to be frank, almost 18 months before that, we actually had our Health Band certified as a medical device by the China FDA so it can measure ECG accurately as a medical device,” Yeung added.

In addition to the ECG smartwatch, Huami is reportedly working on cuffless blood pressure monitoring and glucose tracking.

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“Our biggest achievement is firstly our ECG, and secondly, sleep research. We’re going to continue to refine those further, and then the upcoming is in blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. We are also quite optimistic now, based on current progress, about glucose monitoring. It’s been a difficult nut to crack, but we are now more optimistic than ever that we can do it,” Yeung disclosed.

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April 2, 2021

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