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Studio Talk with VARTA

Energy supply is the bottleneck in many wearable solutions. Luckily, this bottleneck is getting wider and wider thanks to innovative solutions by VARTA Microbattery.

Fabian Hirsch

Product Manager


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DuPont™ Liveo™ dry electrode technology performance for long-term ECG patient monitoring

A new generation of dry electrode solutions enable long-term patient monitoring.

Studio Talk with Henkel

Henkel – Enabling Wearable Healthcare Together

Webinar with Cosinuss, HealthCare Originals, and greenTEG

Cosinuss, HealthCare Originals, and greenTEG - Wearables fighting the Covid-19 Crisis

Webinar with Stanford University and eWEAR

Stanford University – Future of Personal Health Monitoring , from Research to Practice
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