WT | Studio Talk: Enso - A device to help you solve persistent pain without drugs or surgery

Did you ever face lower back pain? Where you afraid of surgery or taking drugs?....

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Did you ever face lower back pain? Where you afraid of surgery or taking drugs? Ever wondered if there is a wearable which could cure your pain? Look no further!
ENSO’s High Frequency Impulse Therapy is a non-invasive, opioid-free device that has been shown in double-blind, clinical trials to solve pain better than Vicodin. The device is used and covered by insurance nationally at pain and orthopedic centers in the US. Shaun and the team are now working to expand insurance coverage and access to the rest of the 1.5B people around the world that live with chronic pain.

Shaun Rahimi started ENSO after experiencing terrible back pain in college. Having worked as an engineer building medical devices for companies including Abbott Labs and Neuropace, he saw an opportunity to create an exceptionally effective solution to pain that does not require drugs or surgery.

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Want to gain more insights? Check out these videos froM ENSO:
Walking Test (Before):

RCT Pilot - Patient D.R. - Day 1 TUG test from Shaun Rahimi on Vimeo.

Walking Test (After 4 weeks of ENSO HFIT):

RCT Pilot - Patient DR - Week 4 TUG test from Shaun Rahimi on Vimeo.

Stephanie (ENSO user testimonial):

Stephanie - User Review from Shaun Rahimi on Vimeo.

Sam Draper
August 12, 2020

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