Amazon Buys One Medical

The online retail giant announced the acquisition of concierge primary care company One Medical.

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Amazon and 1Life Healthcare announced that Amazon completed its acquisition of One Medical. One Medical’s seamless in-office and 24/7 virtual care services, on-site labs, and programs for preventive care, chronic care management, common illnesses, and mental health concerns have been delighting people for the past 15 years. Together, Amazon and One Medical look to deliver exceptional healthcare to more people to achieve better health outcomes, better care experiences, and more value, within a better care team environment. For a limited time, One Medical is offering annual memberships at the discounted price of $144 for the first year(regularly $199/year), the equivalent of $12 per month, to new customers. Redeem the One Medical membership promotion and learn more about what’s included, reports One Medical.

“We're on a mission to make it dramatically easier for people to find, choose, afford, and engage with the services, products, and professionals they need to get and stay healthy, and coming together with One Medical is a big step on that journey,” said Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health Services. “One Medical has set the bar for what a quality, convenient, and affordable primary care experience should be like. We’re inspired by their human-centered, technology-forward approach and excited to help them continue to grow and serve more patients.”

“One Medical has been on a mission to help transform healthcare through its human-centered and technology-powered model to delight people with better health, better care, and better value, within a better team environment,” said Amir Dan Rubin, CEO of One Medical. “We now set our sights on delivering even further positive impacts for consumers, employers, care teams, and health networks, as we join Amazon with its long-term orientation, history of invention, and passion for reimagining a better future.”

“If you fast forward 10 years from now, people are not going to believe how primary care was administered. For decades, you called your doctor, made an appointment three or four weeks out, drove15-20 minutes to the doctor, parked your car, signed in, and waited several minutes in reception, eventually were placed in an exam room, where you waited another 10-15 minutes before the doctor came in, saw you for five to ten minutes and prescribed medicine, and then you drove 20 minutes to the pharmacy to pick it up—and that’s if you didn’t have to then go see a specialist for additional evaluation, where the process repeated and could take even longer for an appointment,” said Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. “Customers want and deserve better, and that’s what One Medical has been working and innovating on for more than a decade. Together, we believe we can make the health care experience easier, faster, more personal, and more convenient for everyone.”

One Medical sets a high bar for human-centered primary care experiences

Access to primary care where, when, and how people prefer, with:

  • Around-the-clock access through the One Medical app, giving people more control of how they seek care and the ability to do so from home or on-the-go
  • On-demand virtual care services, like 24/7 video chats and easy in-app messaging, which are included in membership at no extra cost; for other services, such as in-office appointments, One Medical accepts most major insurance health plans
  • Same and next-day in-office or remote visits, so people can quickly get the care they need
  • Thoughtfully designed and welcoming One Medical offices, offering care close to where people work, live, and shop
  • Walk-in availability for on-site laboratory services, making it easy to get lab work done where and when it’s most convenient

A comprehensive approach to make healthcare easier to navigate by offering:

  • A healthcare home base with primary care providers that help manage a person’s full health picture; from preventive and acute care needs to chronic disease, and mental health concerns
  • Pediatricians and family care providers available in a growing number of locations, serving children and families
  • Providers trained to address both physical and mental health needs, which may include lifestyle recommendations, medications, or referrals to appropriate specialists
  • Clinical and digital integrations with leading hospital networks across the U.S. for more seamless access and coordinated care across primary and specialty care services
  • Easy access to vaccine and medical records, prescription renewals, specialty referrals, and lab results in the One Medical app
  • Outstanding care for seniors in a growing number of locations, with teams specialized in serving people on Medicare

A more human health care experience enabled by:

  • Highly engaged clinicians focused on meeting the whole needs of people, thinking about healthcare comprehensively, and taking time to treat people as people and not solely as diagnoses
  • More time in appointments to engage with providers for more personalized and comprehensive healthcare
  • Proactive app reminders for follow-up care and referral needs facilitating better prevention and coordination of care so the dots are better connected for people to get and stay healthier
  • A human-centered and technology-powered approach, offering an easy-to-use app and innovative clinician tools to simplify the experience for both the patient and the provider

About One Medical

One Medical is a U.S. national human-centered and technology-powered primary care organization with seamless digital health and inviting in-office care, convenient to where people work, shop, and live. One Medical’s vision is to delight millions of members with better health and better care while reducing costs, within a better team environment. One Medical’s mission is to transform healthcare for all through a human-centered, technology-powered model. Headquartered in San Francisco, 1Life Healthcare, Inc. is the administrative and managerial services company for the affiliated One Medical physician-owned professional corporations that deliver medical services in-office and virtually. 1Life and the One Medical entities do business under the “One Medical” brand.

Sam Draper
March 24, 2023

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