Newly Developed Virtual Reality Medical Training Approach

Dain Leaders expands to respond to the increasing Metaverse market demand & digital transformation.

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Dain Leaders, an Edutech company, is expanding its scope of content business to actively respond to the increasing metaverse market demand and lead the digital transformation in the medical, educational, and public sectors.

Having provided a learner-oriented education environment and unique learning content utilizing VR content since 2020, Dain Leaders signed license partner agreements for the metaverse platform with Unity Korea and Unity Starter Editor. This way, Dain Leaders presents a new type of learning model of the future by providing VR/AR content to the education/public sectors in Korea and establishing a content creation ecosystem with learner and teacher participants.

Dain Leader's major product, 'HAIO (Hospital All In One)' is a VR solution with voice recognition and hand-tracking technologies tailored for contactless practice training at the medical and nursing colleges after the outbreak of COVID-19. The basic episode of HAIO is the CPR practice to save an unconscious drowning patient transferred to a hospital. Learners need to be able to respond to the emergency at the virtual emergency room where they can immerse themselves into the training environment replicating an actual hospital setting, which is different from the general training session at universities.

In the HAIO, virtual characters immediately react to the participant's order through voice recognition. The learners can join the drill to learn how to control the emergency in a simulated environment. They can control the situation by moving with their hands instead of using a controller with recognition technology of hand joints, which frees them from putting on and off the HMD to learn and locate the controller buttons.

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To be sure, theory is important but onsite experience is significantly important in the medical site. This requires enough training sessions, but it's difficult to get sufficient clinical practice due to the human rights issue. The HAIO adds a mood of real-life places at hospitals into the medical training such as a virtual ER, which cannot be experienced in universities. In this regard, the HAIO is expected to be a perfect solution to make up for an offline practice environment which is still unattainable in today's training sessions.

Dain Leaders holds six patents related to VR and AR including user-location-based technology, hand tracking, and voice recognition technologies, and it has engaged in technology development by participating in various government R&D content projects. Currently, Dain Leaders mainly runs hand-tracking-based VR content for medical training and motion-recognition-based AR mobile content as its core business.

"For the HAIO, faculty members of medical and nursing colleges participated in the content's development, and medical major students evaluated and verified the solution; therefore, the training program complies with the accurate medical procedures and methods," said Changbae Lee, Head of Contents Business Division at Dain Leaders.

Sam Draper
January 2, 2024

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