LifeProof Creates Eco-Friendly Cases for Apple Products Using Ocean-Based Recycled Plastics

LifeProof, a San Diego-based mobile phone cases and accessories maker, is making eco-friendly ...

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LifeProof, a San Diego-based mobile phone cases and accessories maker, is making eco-friendly cases for Apple Watch, AirPods, and AirPods Pro and Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch, using ocean-based recycled plastic. In just over a year, more than 37,500 pounds of ocean-based plastic have been repurposed into LifeProof cases.

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"LifeProof was born from the ocean with waterproof cases, and it is our responsibility to protect those waters that are so dear to us," said Jim Parke, LifeProof CEO.  "These new designs align with everything that we stand for – uncompromised protection and a dedication to help preserve our ocean by building cases from ocean-based recycled plastic.”

Dive into sustainable style with the latest LifeProof accessories for Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, and Apple AirPods Pro, says a press release.

Synchronize your high-tech timepiece to Pacific Sustainability Time with the Eco-Friendly Case for Apple Watch 4/5/6/SE 40mm and 44mm. It delivers a form-fitting line of defense for the display and edges and is made with 85 percent ocean-based recycled plastic. Health monitors, activity trackers, dials, and buttons – everything you love about your watch works just the same with the case.

Combine protection with a sustainable band for the perfect duo. Slip into something more comfortable and sustainable with the LifeProof Band for Apple Watch 38/40 mm. Made from 99 percent ocean plastic yarn, it's easy on the environment and feels good on your wrist all day long. It pairs seamlessly with your watch, connects with a buckle closure, and resists both wear and fading.

Keep your charging case safe from calamities with the Eco-Friendly Case for Apple AirPods and Eco-Friendly Case for Apple AirPods Pro. Built from 75 percent ocean-based recycled plastic, each case delivers edge-to-edge protection. Outfitted with a quick clip carabiner, it's easy to attach to a bag or keyring.

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In line with its corporate mission of giving back, LifeProof is inviting its consumers to make a difference, too. In partnership with, Coral Reef Alliance, American Rivers, and Oceana, LifeProof will donate for every registered purchase to support a healthier future for our world's water.

Eco-Friendly cases for Apple Watch, LifeProof Band, and cases for Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro are available now on the lifeproof website.

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August 19, 2021

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