Ultrahuman’s CGM Hits US Market

Ultrahuman stated that it has now launched the M1 CGM in the United States.

Image credits: Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is a health-tech brand that's best known for its wearable devices, particularly its smart rings. Now, the company has launched its continuous glucose monitor in the US. The Ultrahuman M1 CGM (continuous glucose monitor) was released in the the UK, Netherlands and India back in June 2021, formerly known as Ultrahuman Cyborg. It proved to be a huge success, with many consumers raving about its insights.

The Ultrahuman M1 CGM is worn on the back of the arm and measures the user's blood sugar continually for a period of 14 days. After that, it pairs with the Ultrahuman app over Bluetooth to show the gathered data in real time. The Ultrahuman app is designed to provide users suggestions on how to increase their metabolism by demonstrating how their food and level of fitness affect it. It may easily fit into any daily routine because it is water-resistant for 30 minutes and up to 2 meters.

A New Era In Metabolic Health

The primary attraction of the M1 is its capacity to offer prompt feedback on an individual's glucose levels, a crucial indicator of metabolic well-being.

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By pairing the device with the Abbott FreeStyle Libre sensor, customers may use a smartphone app to track their blood sugar levels in real time. This feature is a game-changer for anyone trying to learn more about how different foods impact their body; it's more than just a convenience. The M1 is easy to use without compromising accuracy or dependability, with suggestions to replace the adhesive sensor patch every two weeks and a simple NFC scanning process for Bluetooth connection. Additionally, its 30-minute 30-meter water resistance guarantees that it blends in perfectly with its users' varied and active lifestyles, reports bnn.

You can order the Ultrahuman M1 CGM now in a variety of bundles (as spotted by T3). It costs $239 for a month (with two sensors), $559 for three months (six sensors), or $1,919 for a year (a total of 26 sensors). That's with the current 20% offer applied, which will only last for a limited time.

Sam Draper
March 6, 2024

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