These Prosthetic Hands Are Easier to Control

The only upper limb prosthesis on the market with gesture control.

Image credits: Ossur

The human hand is a complex and versatile organ that enables humans to interact with the environment, communicate, create, and use tools. The control of the hand by the brain is a crucial aspect of human cognition and behavior, but also a challenging problem for both neuroscience and engineering.

From an engineering perspective, understanding the brain mechanisms of hand control can inspire the design and control of robotic and prosthetic hands. These devices aim to restore or enhance the functionality and appearance of the natural hand, enabling users to perform daily activities and interact with objects. For people who use prosthesis, the device is a way to recover what they have lost, i.e., the hand.

The iLimb Quantum, a myo-electric prosthetic hand developed by Ossur, is the only upper limb prosthesis on the market with gesture control, which allows you to change grips with a simple gesture.

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Using a patented i-mo technology, the i-limb quantum has 24 pre-programmed grips and 12 additional custom grip patterns that are specific to the user’s individual lifestyle, allowing huge versatility and flexibility. And in addition to that, the i-limb™ quantum’s five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability gives arm amputees a level of independence and capability that few other prosthetic hand solutions can offer. With 36 total unique grip options, extended battery life, a Speed Boost feature, and a durable, lifelike design, the i-limb™ quantum is a new standard for powerful and adaptable myo-electric prosthetic hands.

Key features:

• Electronically rotating thumb, with manual override, automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns for optimum grip

• Select from up to 36 different grips, both pre-programmed and customized to suit users' daily activities

• Vari-Grip feature provides additional grip strength when applied

• Auto-Grasp – anti-drop safety feature to prevent objects from slipping out of a user's grasp

• Touch Care package offers warranty support for up to five years

• Biosim and My i-Limb Apps for set up and personalization of grips and features

• Available in four sizes – extra small, small, medium and large

• Multiple covering options available to suit individual lifestyles

Sam Draper
April 18, 2024

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