These AR Glasses Can Translate Languages and Detect Images

New ‘Frame’ AR glasses from Brilliant Labs uses artificial intelligence.

Image credits: Brilliant Labs

The Frame AI glasses from Brilliant Labs use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to translate languages, recognize photographs, search the internet for information, and more. The wearable gadget resembles a pair of smart glasses with built-in artificial intelligence. In reality, Frame AI eyewear receives coding and technological support from OpenAI, Whisper, and Perplexity to enable them evaluate and notify users about what is going on around them. The AI glasses display the information directly in front of the user's eyes in the Brilliant Labs movie.

They show users the type of building they are looking at, how to translate words they see into the language they understand, and where to locate and purchase the sneakers they have seen online or in the streets. By including an additional pair of lenses in its monocle—dubbed the world's tiniest augmented reality device that attaches to glasses—Brilliant Labs has upped the ante. Users only need to wear the Frame AI glasses to experience augmented reality in both eyes; they do not need to clip anything.

A New Type of AI Assistant

Noa, a new type of AI assistant that Frame has installed, is an always-on AI assistant that resembles Jarvis from the "Iron Man" television series. The company claims that Frame redefines how we interact with physical environments and alters how we see the world. Tavangar claims that because Noa gives people more ability to interact with their surroundings, it is a novel sort of AI virtual assistant.

Noa supposedly becomes a distinct personality through adjusting to the user's interactions. Beyond just translating material into other languages and summarizing pages, the virtual assistant can do more. The gadget can control several AI systems to do complex tasks thanks to its built-in multimodal generative AI.

The integrated multimodal generative AI system that powers the AI glasses can run the GPT-4, Stability AI, and Whisper AI models simultaneously. Noa is now working on unique picture production, real-time speech detection and translation, and real-world visual processing. The startup claims that because of Frame's multimodality, many AI models may work together to provide almost endless possibilities in daily life.

Sam Draper
February 15, 2024

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