The Best Wearables from CES 2021: Fossil, Skagen, Vuzix, and More

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s most popular trade fair, went virtual...

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This year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s most popular trade fair, went virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the show was still packed with consumers from all over the globe. Like every year, this year’s show had an impressive collection of wearables. We picked the 5 best wearables from CES 2021. Here they are:

  1. Fossil Gen 5 LTE

Fossil launched its latest Gen 5 watch – the Fossil Gen 5 LTE – at CES 2021. This Wear OS smartwatch can make and receive phone calls without the need for a connected phone. The watch is powered by the Snapdragon 3100 SoC and has a 1.3-inch touchscreen inside a 45mm case. The design is same as its predecessor Fossil Gen 5 but two new colors have been added to differentiate the Gen 5 LTE from the non-cellular models. The smartwatch also boasts 1GB of Ram and 8GB of storage. On the fitness side, the Fossil Gen 5 LTE can track your heart and count your steps. The watch is set to release in the spring for a price of $349.

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  1. Vuzix Next Generation Smart Glasses

Vuzix announced its next-generation smart glasses, which will be available later this year. The smart glasses already received CES Innovation awards 2021 in three categories: Computer Peripherals & Accessories, Portable Media Players & Accessories, and Wearable Technologies. The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The glasses will combine most smartphone and smartwatch capabilities all in a pair of stylish and comfortable glasses that enable hands-free connectivity while engaged in the real world.

  1. Skagen Jorn HR

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is Fossil Group’s latest entry to the hybrid smartwatch space. In appearance, the Skagen Jorn HR hybrid looks like a normal smartwatch, but it is loaded with health and fitness features like exercise tracking, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracking. It can also control your music preference and send alerts. Custom watch faces are made possible by a E-ink display, and the wearable is available in both 38mm and 42mm case sizes, reports AndroidAuthority. Because of its E Ink screen, the watch delivers a longer battery life, which can last for two weeks between charges. The watches are priced at $195 (£189).

  1. Huami Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e

Amazfit unveiled the Amazfit GTR 2e and GTS 2e smartwatches at this year's all-digital CES. Featuring the latest fitness tracking features along with an ultra-thin and fashionable design, the two latest additions to the Amazfit GTS 2 and GTR 2 Family of smartwatches represent the perfect blend of style and health for today's active consumers, while also delivering extra-long battery life and uncompromised elegance. The watch features full display with a borderless design that uses curved glass to create a strong and integrated visual experience. The GTS 2e boasts a rotatable, 1.65-inch HD AMOLED screen, while the GTR 2e, for its part, has a rotatable, 1.39-inch high-definition AMOLED screen. The watches monitor your Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), Sleep, Stress, and more. The PAI™ (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a health assessment system that uses algorithms to convert complex data such as heart rate, activity duration and other health data into a single, intuitive score for users to easily understand their physical state.

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  1. Honor Band 6

Honor Band 6 boasts a big 1.47-inch AMOLED color touch screen with over 100 fabulous watch faces. The watch tracks your steps, sleep, stress, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), and female health features like menstrual cycles. The smartwatch is water-resistant at 5ATM. It also offers sports-type recognition, and 10 professional training modes and guidance. The Honor Band 6 will be available soon for a price of $35.

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January 14, 2021

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