The Best Accessories for Augmented Reality Immersion for Improved UX

Explore 5 stunning Augmented Reality accessories or handy tools that can improve user experience.

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When using smart glasses and AR headsets, augmented reality accessories are handy tools, extras, and add-ons that improve the user experience.

The augmented reality industry is expected to expand to a value of $1,109.71 billion by 2030, which is driving up demand for these solutions. AR accessories do more than just allow enthusiasts to customize their experiences. They can also enhance the performance, comfort, and utility of cutting-edge AR technologies, reports XRToday.

Today, we're going to examine some of the most remarkable and expensive augmented reality add-ons, perfect for both home and office use.

Explore these 5 stunning AR accessories

There are many various kinds of augmented reality accessories. Certain solutions, like keeping gadgets charged and ready for use, are straightforward and made to solve common issues. For example, Microsoft provides HoloLens 2 USB chargers, and other suppliers provide whole charging stations.

Some are more developed than others. For example, as Apple makes investments in the XR space with Vision Pro and VisionOS, there are reports that it may start integrating AR solutions into its Airtag products.

These are only a few of the augmented reality accouterments that we now suggest taking into account.

  1. Wearables and Haptic Gloves: In recent years, there has been less of a buzz around haptic technologies, which may simulate physical feelings for users of virtual reality. These add-ons, though, might be useful in some situations. Accessories like belts, body suits, and haptic gloves can change how we interact with digital content. These augmented reality accessories have enormous potential to foster innovation and cooperation, especially in the corporate and enterprise context. Better training simulations can be made possible by enabling users to "feel" what they're dealing with in a virtual or augmented reality environment. Recently, Fluid Reality unveiled an improved pair of haptic feedback gloves that work with various headsets.

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  1. Accessory for Audio Augmented Reality: AR and spatial computing frequently go hand in hand. This is especially important today that tech giants like Apple are utilizing the extensive potential of spatial systems to improve their headsets. Spatial sound is one developing area of spatial computing. Spatial audio technologies are already included in a lot of AR headsets and smart glasses. With these tools, users can better immerse themselves in VR by placing sound wherever it makes the most sense.
  1. Advanced Controllers: Controllers are not as ubiquitous in the AR accessory market as they are in the VR market. A large number of the best augmented and mixed reality headsets don't even need physical controls. Hand and eye tracking is used by the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Apple Vision Pro to process user input. Still, there are controllers available that can improve the user experience. You can have more control over the information on your Mac devices by utilizing Apple's VisionPro service.
  1. Adaptable Lenses: Making sure AR, VR, and MR headsets adjust to users' visual needs is one of the main issues facing users who adopt these headsets. The whole experience is less comfortable when wearing smart glasses or regular spectacles underneath an AR headset. This has forced businesses to invest in products that let consumers replace the lenses in their smart glasses with ones that are more suited to their particular vision requirements. Meta and Zenni have joined to provide customers in the VR realm with personalized prescription lenses.
  1. Sturdy Headbands: Robust head straps are among the best AR accessories designed especially for larger AR/VR or MR headsets. They provide several advantages to users. By preventing slippage and needless pressure on the head and face, they guarantee users receive the optimal fit from their wearable technology. For the HoloLens 2, Microsoft unveiled a premium overhead strap that should improve headset comfort when worn for extended periods.
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December 27, 2023

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