Mymanu CLIK S Earbuds

The Mymanu CLIK S earbuds help you to speak 37 languages to 2 billion people across the globe.

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When it comes to removing language barriers, the Mymanu CLIK S translation earphones are a game-changer and are currently on sale for $148.99 (regularly $157). And because of their elegant appearance, you won't come off as an awkward tourist wearing them; in fact, they seem pretty fashionable!

Concerned about taking a summer vacation abroad? No matter where you are going, you can easily speak with almost anyone using the Mymanu CLIK S translation earbuds.

Award-winning truly wireless CLIK S enables travelers to speak to more than 2 billion people in 37 languages across the globe, allowing you to experience local life and explore those hidden gems. Its dual-sided “CLIK” buttons will let you listen to your favorite music in HD sound, answer calls and read texts/notifications at your leisure, all for 30 hours. With various-sized memory foam ear tips, CLIK S will give you the highest comfort and secure fit as you enjoy all of its cutting-edge features.

So how do these enchanted buds function? Put them in your ears, then link them to the MyJuno mobile app. Then you may select the languages you want to translate into and from, and you can start conversing. The software also offers a useful speech-to-text feature that allows you to read what your chat partner is saying if you can't hear them or are in a noisy area.

These earbuds use AI to enhance translation quality over time. In other words, they get better at comprehending and translating your speech the more you use them. These cutting-edge earbuds are a game-changer when it comes to eliminating language barriers. They have been a regular fixture at the Consumer Electronics Show, including the most recent one, and have been recognized with 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and Red Dot Design Awardee status.

The sleek charging case holds 30 hours of battery life, while the CLIK S earbuds hold 10 hours worth of solid single-use charge. If the case is charged, the CLIK S earbuds will automatically recharge when placed back into the case, so they recharge while you do, too.

Sam Draper
June 15, 2023

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