StethoMe At-Home Stethoscope for Detecting Respiratory Problems in Kids Gets CE Mark

StethoMe won European CE marks for its digital stethoscope and accompanying software.

Image: StethoMe

Poznan, Poland-based AI startup StethoMe won European CE marks for its digital stethoscope and accompanying software that detect respiratory issues in children.

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The wireless stethoscope combines AI algorithm to examine children’s lung and heart recordings. StethoMe is intended to be used by parents to check on their kids when there are signs of sickness. Instead of immediately bringing the child in for an exam, a parent can perform a basic auscultation and send the recording for analysis by the company’s AI-powered algorithms to look for signs of distress, reports MedGadget.

The consistency between doctors in the recognition of auscultation sounds in primary care is very low – ranging from 20% to 80%*. Examinations with a traditional stethoscope depend on the experience and parameters of the physician’s auditory system. Medically tested, StethoMe has shown to increase accuracy by up to 13%. Results are shared directly with a doctor who then advises as to whether that child needs to visit a doctor or emergency room, or can remain at home under close supervision, StethoMe said in a news release.

“There are two main issues facing primary care. Firstly, the high rate of misdiagnosis that occurs (​cases of delayed, missed, and incorrect diagnosis are common – in the range of 10 per cent to20 per cent​ and, secondly, the very high number of unnecessary visits ​(​up to 70 per cent in the US. We are beginning to see AI affect the world we live in substantially and the healthcare sector is no different. This is why we created StethoMe – to help address these challenges,” said Wojciech Radomski, CEO, StethoMe.

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“What is unique about StethoMe is that we’re not a team of scientists or inventors who decided to create a product like this. Most of us are parents of young children who have faced challenging times where we’ve needed to visit doctors regularly. After experiencing these problems, we decided to do something about it, and offer parents a better way to ensure their children are healthy,” added Honorata Hafke-Dys Phd., Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, StethoMe.

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June 11, 2019

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