Signia Active Pro: Stylish Earbuds That Are Actually Hearing Aids

Age-related hearing loss is an increasingly important public health problem affecting ...


Age-related hearing loss is an increasingly important public health problem affecting approximately 40% of 55–74-year-olds. The primary clinical management intervention for people with hearing loss is hearing aids, however, the majority (80%) of adults aged 55–74 years who would benefit from a hearing aid, do not use them. The reasons include hearing aid value, device factor, appearance, fit and comfort and maintenance of the hearing aid, etc.

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Signia’s Active Pro hearing aids are ready to wear, combining iconic user-friendly design similar to premium consumer earbuds with audiological high-tech. This includes Signia Xperience YourSound technology for enhanced speech understanding in noise, Bluetooth connectivity, portable Li-ion rechargeability, and the self-service convenience of the Signia Assistant.

With a next-level hearing aid style comparable to state-of-the-art earbuds, Signia Active Pro looks just like the earbuds that others are wearing.

Signia Active Pro combines the company’s Signia Xperience YourSound technology built on revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors with Li-ion rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity so the user always hears what matters, with ease.

The pocket-sized Signia Active Charger lets wearers put the devices in and out of their ears when they need them for full flexibility and independence, with up to 26 hours of use per charge.

Wearers enjoy listening to phone calls, music, TV, and more with state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming. The Active Pro hearing aids connect to your phone over Bluetooth and can double as streaming audio monitors in a pinch.

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The latest Signia Xperience platform delivers high-definition prescription audio with technologies found in the most advanced hearing aids. It enables wearers to hear voices clearly from any direction, even in noise.

The Signia Active Pro hearing aids are priced at $3,000 for a pair.

Sam Draper
September 10, 2021

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