Shimmer Launches New Sensor for Verisense Wearable Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, launched...

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Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, launched Verisense Pulse+, a new sensor for the Verisense platform. Verisense Pulse+ provides photoplethysmogram (PPG), galvanic skin response (GSR), and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The Verisense platform can now measure clinical trial participants’ heart rate, oxygen saturation, and emotional responses in addition to their activity and sleep levels.

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The PPG sensor monitors heart rate by using light absorption to measure changes in participant capillary blood volume. Whereas the GSR sensor measures changes in sweat gland activity, which can be used to assess the participant’s level of psychological and emotional arousal, stress, and other emotional responses. GSR is used for psychology clinical research and biofeedback, and it is starting to be employed in more clinical applications, including epilepsy, reports Shimmer.

“We are excited to introduce Verisense Pulse+ to the clinical trial market and integrate these new sensor capabilities into our platform,” said Geoffrey Gill, President of Shimmer Americas. “Worn on the wrist, Pulse+ has all the attributes that researchers look for in the Verisense platform. It is versatile and reliable (provides 24x7 continuous raw data) with water-resistant, flexible styling. Verisense Pulse+ provides access to high-quality raw data while placing the minimum burden on sponsors, clinical trial sites, and participants. It’s also easy to use because all the sensors are employed on the same architecture.”

“After an extensive evaluation of all the on-market wearable sensor products, we determined that Verisense Pulse+ was the only one that could give us the raw data that we needed to study depression relapse thoroughly so we could create a tool to manage it effectively. We decided to become a Pulse+ beta tester and found the Shimmer team to be very collaborative and resourceful partners,” said Dr. Dilpreet Buxi, CTO and co-founder of Philia Labs.

Verisense is a highly flexible, modular patent-pending platform designed from the ground up to meet the needs of clinical trials and remote patient research.

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Shimmer Research was founded based on Intel technology in 2006. It is a well-established wearable technologies services and sensor manufacturing company based in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to standard products, Shimmer provides customized sensor development services, volume manufacturing, and complete wearable sensor solutions of any complexity. Shimmer’s technology and services have been employed by thousands of researchers at more than 900 leading companies, universities, and research institutes in more than 75 countries.

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March 19, 2021

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