Rune Labs Secures FDA Clearance

They are collecting Parkinson's disease data through measurements made by Apple Watch now.

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Rune Labs, a precision neurology company, announced its StrivePD software ecosystem for Parkinson's disease and has been granted 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to collect patient symptom data through measurements made by Apple Watch. By combining powerful wearable technology and self-reported symptom information with brain imaging, electrophysiology, genetic, and other clinical data, StrivePD enables a data-driven approach to care management and clinical trial design for Parkinson's.

With this clearance, the Rune Labs'StrivePD app enables precision clinical care and trial participation for tens of thousands of Parkinson's patients who already use these devices in their daily lives. For patients who also use Medtronic's Percept™ PC Deep Brain Stimulation device, this clearance for the StrivePD app will enhance clinicians' ability to make brain-sensing data from these devices useful, as part of Rune Labs' and Medtronic's existing partnership. This clearance also sets the stage for leveraging StrivePD to reach a significant number of potential prodromal Parkinson's patients, the company said in a press release.

Additionally, StrivePD on Apple Watch makes it easy for people with Parkinson's to track and log their symptoms, enabling patients to have more control over their care.

"Being able to show my neurologist how my motor symptoms were fluctuating, thanks to StrivePD, was the impetus for me to get surgery for a deep brain stimulation device," said Aura Oslapas, who drew from her first-hand experience with Parkinson's to create the StrivePD mobile app. Since Rune Labs' acquisition of the StrivePD ecosystem in 2019, Oslapas has worked with the company to evolve the StrivePD user experience, and also recently joined its Patient Advisory Board.

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"When people with Parkinson's are prescribed new medications, adjusting how much to take and when to take it until they find something that works can be a lengthy process. StrivePD helps people to track their symptoms and improvements, accelerating the time to an optimal medication schedule – and with today's clearance, more people will have access to this life-changing technology," Oslapas said. "StrivePD on Apple Watch is the long-awaited union of quantitative and qualitative data that encourages better care and communication between patients and clinicians, while also empowering people with Parkinson's who are striving to live better every day."

"As we have seen in oncology, the introduction of large quantities of real-world data has the power to transform drug development and fundamentally change disease prognosis. This clearance is a major step towards building a similar paradigm in neurology," said Brian Pepin, CEO, and Founder of Rune Labs. "With all of the data we will collect and the patients we will reach through this clearance, we will make sure the right participants enroll in trials and help our pharma and Medtech partners run more efficient trials with higher quality outcomes data, thereby enabling more therapies to come to market quickly to help those suffering from Parkinson's."

Until now, clinicians and researchers have made decisions surrounding patient care based on limited information and data. Rune Labs is bringing together novel multimodal data that will radically transform what it means to be a patient with Parkinson's. Having visibility into this data will accelerate drug development, using higher resolution metrics to inform trial design, endpoint selection, and patient stratification, as well as whether a treatment effect is detected.

The StrivePD ecosystem draws data directly from Apple's Movement Disorder API, which provides a power-efficient approach to measuring and recording tremors and dyskinetic symptoms common in patients with Parkinson's disease. Rune Labs values users' personal information and privacy and takes appropriate steps to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, misuse, or destruction. Users' personal information and privacy is protected and governed by Rune Labs' Information Security Management System.

AboutRune Labs

Rune Labs is a software and data analytics company for precision neurology, supporting care delivery and therapy development. StrivePD is the company's care delivery ecosystem for Parkinson's disease, enabling patients and clinicians to better manage Parkinson's by providing access to curated dashboards summarizing a range of patient data sources, and by connecting patients to clinical trials. For therapeutics development, biopharma and medical device companies leverage Rune's technology, a network of engaged clinicians and patients, and large longitudinal real-world datasets to expedite development programs. The company has received financial backing from leading investors such as Eclipse Ventures, DigiTx, TruVenturo, and MomentVentures.

Jürgen Thalmayer
June 21, 2022

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