Portable Google TV Experience for XR Glasses

Pocket TV, a palm-sized portable Google TV media device.

Image credits: RayNeo

RayNeo, an industry leader in consumer-grade augmented reality (AR) innovation, has announced the launch of Pocket TV streaming box | Google TV. Compact and easy to carry, the innovative device combines a powerful 6,500mAh battery, and ample local content storage. Customized for RayNeo's immersive, big-screen XR glasses, the device offers unparalleled cinematic audiovisual enjoyment for users anywhere, anytime.

"The Pocket TV is a game-changer in redefining XR user experience," said Howie Li, Founder and CEO of RayNeo. "With this innovation, we're not just offering a product; we're crafting an unforgettable, on-the-go entertainment journey for users. RayNeo's mission is clear: to democratize the exhilarating experience of cutting-edge, large-screen XR glasses. This collaboration propels us forward. Together, we're poised to building a top-tier XR glasses ecosystem and redefine what's possible."

A Portable Google TV Experience on a Colossal Screen

The Pocket TV brings abundant entertainment content into XR glasses, representing a significant leap in enriching the XR glasses content ecosystem. Co-developed by RayNeo and SEI Robotics, the sleek and portable Google TV streaming device unlocks numerous entertainment options for users wherever they are.

Seamlessly integrated with RayNeo XR glasses series, the Pocket TV unfolds a big-screen personal theater experience that can slip into your bags or pockets wherever you go. With Google TV, you can enjoy everything you stream, all on one screen. With 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, live TV, and more available across 10,000+ apps, Google TV takes streaming to the next level — bringing together your favorite entertainment from across your apps and organizing it all, just for you.

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Personalized recommendations from Google let you discover new movies and shows based on what you've watched and what interests you, so you can quickly find your next favorite. And that new show your friends are raving about? No matter where it's streaming, add it to your watchlist — right from your TV, phone, or browser.

A Compact Powerhouse with Ample Local Storage

The Pocket TV turns into a massive power bank for the XR glasses. With a mega 6,500mAh battery, it's sufficient to watch 5.5 hours of videos in one go. Need a quick power-up for your phone on the go? The Pocket TV can also charge your phone with its USB-C output while you're enjoying your favorite content on the big screen. Convenience at its finest. Leave behind your small-screen tablet and portable charger, simply bring the Pocket TV to enhance your travels.

Pricing and Availability

The Pocket TV will be available on the RayNeo Amazon US store later this month at a recommended retail price of $179.

About RayNeo

Established in 2021, RayNeo has launched the world's first full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide AR glasses, achieving several technology breakthroughs in the industry. The company specializes in the research and development of AR technologies with industry-leading optics, display, algorithm, and device manufacturing. Alongside winning the "Best Connected Consumer Device" at MWC's Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2023 with NXTWEAR S, RayNeo also developed the innovative consumer XR wearable glasses, RayNeo Air 2, featuring top-tier, cinematic audiovisual experiences with ultimate comfort.

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May 15, 2024

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