How AI and XR Industry Is Serving Millions

AI and XR go hand in hand: 20 million gadgets sold to place a device on the head of every adult.

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The largest names in virtual reality are introducing their newest models of mixed reality (MR) headsets, emphasizing on lighter, more compact designs with remarkable spatial computing power.

People's work and play patterns are being permanently altered by the adoption of XR technologies by an ever-expanding range of companies and users as the extended reality (XR) ecosystem grows.

Mixed reality headsets have been used by businesses like Google and Lowe's to let customers play games, retail staff work together in immersive 3D representations of stores, and medical professionals simulate the human body to find new drugs and enhance surgery planning, reports XRToday.

Although the use of virtual reality in business and consumer-oriented organizations is not new, recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) such as speech recognition, computer vision, and AI assistants have made it possible for small, lightweight devices to provide seamless mixed reality, photorealistic immersion, and interaction.

The Potent Pair

As the industry works to get from a niche-like 20 million gadgets sold to placing a device on the head of every adult in a family, AI and XR go hand in hand.

AI speeds up rendering so that it can reach the high framerates and high resolution needed for smooth immersion. Companies all around the world are using augmented reality (AR), which offers a simple, approachable way to engage with virtual material, to recognize and monitor real-world things.

Among these is Medicalholodeck, a virtual reality platform for medical teamwork and collaboration. It streams 3D medical imaging content to headsets without a tether by utilizing integrated AI and GPU capability.

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Doctors now have access to features like preoperative planning, real-time CT and MRI scan reconstruction, and medical education on an XR headset thanks to new cloud rendering technologies.

By utilizing these virtual experiences, surgeons can reduce the amount of time and effort needed to import or modify hospital facilities prior to starting complex procedures, improving their readiness for operations.

Teams can also communicate and work together electronically to coordinate and receive training on surgical techniques. AI and XR's combined capability is expected to revolutionize medicine by expediting surgical training and preparation for international health professionals.

The Future

The next great step will be characterized by a wider distribution of amazing XR experiences, which will incorporate AI assistants to help people create in the virtual world and build and play in the real world AI and XR are already a powerful dynamic combo.

Everyone will be able to use digital assistants to access generative AI, which will allow them to add intricate 3D models, breathtaking, expansive settings, and even fully articulated, interactive 3D characters to their virtual worlds on demand. The applications of generative artificial intelligence AI to XR are virtually endless.

Digital experiences will be powered by the new trends of enhanced XR and potent AI helpers, which will also impact other industries like manufacturing and virtual production. As the XR market's user base keeps growing, significant advancements have been made in areas like eliminating the headset cord and moving VR to the cloud.

Users' communal realities are growing beyond what was previously feasible because they are no longer limited to a single, designated place. Businesses may take advantage of the latest advancements in VR, AR, and AI to establish a presence in the expanding ecosystem, whether they choose to use XR for e-commerce or invest in it for educational purposes.

Sam Draper
November 28, 2023

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