PlayerMaker: A Complete Coaching Tool for Football Teams

PlayerMaker is a performance insight product for football teams.

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PlayerMaker is a performance insight product for football teams. It’s a complete coaching tool which tracks and analyses metrics for physical, technical, tactical and biomechanical data as well auto-tagging video for fast and easy analysis.

The PlayerMaker strap houses a 6-axis motion sensor with accelerometer and gyro units that measure acceleration and radial velocity at 1000 times per second. Unique motion sensors on a player’s boot provide a significantly larger dataset than any other product. They detect every ball touch and build accurate gait profiles – without affecting performance.

The machine learning algorithms determine between different movements. Data is instantly sent to the analysis platform on the iPad Using BluetoothTM. Encased in unique durable silicon, the sensor is safe under impact in all playing conditions, and its position does not impact player performance.

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The company said it built the world’s largest football database over four years and used it to ‘teach’ their advanced machine learning algorithms to play football. They can determine football movements and handle unpredictable situations. The technology has been tested by top universities and proven to be very accurate.

Case Studies

Millwall Football Club

Dan Mlinar, lead Youth Development Phase Coach at Millwall Football Club in London, has been coaching youth football teams for 9 years. He was introduced to PlayerMaker in January 2018.

“Quite simply, the players put the sensors on their boots before entering the field; we deliver the session and 5 minutes after training finishes, we already have the data on the team’s profile page within the PlayerMaker dashboard,” Milnar said.

Image: PlayerMaker

“PlayerMaker allows me to analyze the technical and physical abilities of my players and trialists. I use PlayerMaker to analyze my sessions; ensuring we achieved the outcome we wanted for the players.”

A few months later, Millwall FC Academy implemented the PlayerMaker smart footwear for the U16s team.

“The amount of data collected means we get a holistic understanding of what’s happening every time the player is out in the field,” said Jim Summersby, the Sports Scientist for the U16 players.

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Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Tel Aviv is another football team that benefited from the Playermaker.

Ilan Richardson, Head of Sports Science at Maccabi Tel Aviv. Using a mix of PlayerMaker’s own software and its integration capabilities with other systems, Ilan is able to see how players are progressing over time as well as a get a more complete understanding about whether teams are hitting their goals for training sessions.

Playermaker helps provide coaches at Maccavi Tel Aviv a holistic view about how the academy is performing, allowing them to make sure that the footballing philosophy of the team is being embraced by the entire staff.

Sam Draper
August 14, 2019

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