PlatoWork Brain Stimulator: Smart Headset for Boosting Cognition

Smart headset for boosting cognition by PlatoWork.

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We all go through days when our brains simply refuse to collaborate. If guzzling down coffee doesn’t help, you might want to try PlatoWork headset. It’s a brain stimulator that is designed to boost your cognition, improve memory, focus and creativity.

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Just put on the headset and use the app to choose between four different modes: Learn, Create, Concentrate and Rethink.

The plug’n play device uses a safe and well-known technology called tDCS – transcranial direct current stimulation, which can increase cognitive functions by sending a weak current through specific regions of the brain. tDCS has been around for more than 20 years, but has been reserved for elite usage in closed settings such as army- and pilot training, and research labs at top universities.

Well over 4000 studies have already demonstrated that tDCS is a safe and effective way to optimize brain activity. Unlike chemical performance enhancers, neurostimulation with tDCS is not associated with any serious adverse effects.

“In my work, I am faced with challenges involving high complexity projects in a very dynamic environment. PlatoWork can help with focus and stress reduction. Furthermore, our industry demands innovation and creativity to be able to stay ahead – and PlatoWork offers technology to help generate creative ideas,” says Ljiljana Harding, Project Management Office Director at Pfizer.

The headset has a slick yet edgy look, from slate black packaging, to the minute details like the bluetooth light indicator being incorporated in the brand Logo. The power button is located inside the clip brackets of the helmet, in such a way to turn the headset on whenever you push the headset on your head.

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The headset comes with sponge pads for contact with the scalp, the headset, a small bottle of saline solution, and a quick start guide that only asks you to download the app. In other words, it does not get any simpler than that.

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May 3, 2019

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