Neurolief’s Relivion Smart Headband for Migraine Treatment Receives CE Approval

Neurolief received CE mark for its Relivion™ non-invasive, adaptive digital treatment for migraine.

Image source: Business Wire

Neurolief, a Netanya, Israel based startup that develops digital therapeutics brain neuromodulation technology, received CE mark for its Relivion™ non-invasive, adaptive digital treatment for migraine. The company can now sell and distribute the Relivion device as an over-the-counter therapy within the European Union.

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The Relivion is the first non-invasive, adaptive multi-channel brain neuromodulation technology that offers a highly effective therapy, without any side effect related to medications. Previously, this form of therapy was only possible with implanted devices, reports Business Wire.

The Relivion system is simple and safe for patients to self-administer at home at a fraction of the cost of surgical implants.

The system is comprised of an adjustable headset that provides precise modulated pulses simultaneously to six branches of the occipital and trigeminal nerves via several adaptive output channels around the patient’s head. The sophisticated cloud-enabled device connects to a proprietary mobile phone app and learns over time to deliver personalized treatment for each patient.

Image credit: Neurolief

“I believe that the Relivion device from Neurolief has great potential to improve acute migraine therapy,” said Alan Rapoport, M.D., clinical professor of neurology at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (Los Angeles), past president of the International Headache Society (IHS), and the founder and director-emeritus of The New England Center for Headache, in Stamford, Conn. “Not only is it designed to stimulate both the trigeminal and occipital nerves simultaneously to help alleviate migraine without having to worry about side effects from medications, but it does so via a comfortable headset that is different from anything available today. These attributes combine to offer a therapy that migraine sufferers can feel good about using – and in turn receive consistent treatment to help them live a more disability-free, productive, fulfilling life.”

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Amit Dar, Neurolief’s co-founder and chief technology officer, added:

“Future generations of Neurolief’s innovative technology will include embedded AI and machine learning algorithms, which will provide powerful capabilities to analyze the data collected from each user and from multiple users along with accurate migraine prediction. This will integrate in a seamless fashion to enable updates of the closed-loop personalized brain neuromodulation treatment that improves over time, providing a tailored, precise treatment for each patient. Furthermore, Neurolief is advancing toward implementation of its groundbreaking technology for additional neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders with great unmet need such as major depression.”

Sam Draper
July 16, 2019

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