Neberon eVent Redefines Luxury Heated Gloves

Neberon has launched eVent – the company’s next-gen heated gloves.

Image Credits: Neberon

Neberon, now the 'New Born' leader in technical heated apparel, launches its next-generation flagship products – the Pro Series heated gloves FW23 collection featuring new Innovative eVent Waterproof Fabrics. With cutting-edge eVent Waterproof technology, coupled with 3M thinsulate insulation, the latest Palm2Tip technology, rapid 3s high-speed heating up, and a unique patented design, the Neberon eVent collection redefines luxury heated gloves. Surpassing top-tier configurations seen on $300+ gloves, it sets a new standard for outdoor winter entertainment. The Neberon eVent collection is now available, delivering incredible value for the new era in all-weather performance.

Microscopic technology

Using patented Direct Venting technology, eVent glove inserts provide waterproof protection and all-day comfort in the widest range of temperatures and conditions. The difference is the air-permeable membrane, which instantly vents excess heat and water vapor (sweat) to keep the insulation dry and the inside of the glove warm and comfortable, enabling users to maintain dexterity and agility. Neberon heated gloves feature the unique eVent material, surpassing other materials in terms of waterproofing and breathability, to provide optimal comfort.

With 3M Thinsulate Insulation, it's never too cold

3M Thinsulate Insulation makes it possible to get out and enjoy the cold, providing superior warmth and comfort in cold weather. Its microfiber construction traps body heat while allowing moisture to escape, keeping you dry and cozy. Perfect for outdoor activities, it offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio without added bulk.

Heating System 2.0 -Taking heating speed, zones, and battery usage time to the next level

The small yet powerful 7.6V rechargeable battery is specifically designed for high-voltage and low-temperature environments. The higher voltage allows for rapid heating in just 3 seconds, allowing you to feel warmth faster, while the long-lasting warmth extends for up to 8.5 hours. The low-temperature attribute ensures usability even in temperatures as low as-40°F. Easy access to 3 heating levels with the brilliant button. Utilizing the latest Palm2Tip technology, warmth extends beyond the back of your hands, reaching even the second fingertip, while next-gen conductive fiber maintains consistent heating temperature and stability.

Unique Patent in Style, Ideal Gift All the While

The Neberon eVent collection offers a multi-layer protective design with advanced waterproof fabric, premium microfiber, and velvet lining, ensuring warmth, waterproofing, and comfort in winter or damp conditions. The collection includes a unique 3-level battery display and various sizes for a personalized fit. With a sensitive touchscreen feature, you can use electronic devices without taking off your gloves. Extended cuffs enhance wind protection , reinforced palms ensure a secure grip and durability, and its stylish patented design and user-friendly features combine fashion and functionality. Additionally, the upgraded gift box packaging makes them perfect for holiday gifting.

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In addition to the highly acclaimed Neberon eVent collection, Neberon is proud to introduce heated glove liners. Together, they form the highlights of this winter: the Neberon Pro Series, promising you an exceptional and sustainable winter experience. Bid farewell to chilly fingers while embracing a greener future.

Designed for everyday use

Technical outdoor functionality, comfort, and durability are brought to everyday designs. Snug as a second skin with Lycra fabric. A supple stretch liner with a grip print on the palm. Touchscreen Functionality in Every Move. Perfect for those who prefer keeping their gloves on while using touch screens during runs or outdoor walking. Thanks to extensive heating coverage from cuffs to fingertips, they are also excellent as a base liner under your thicker gloves, when it is really cold.

The Neberon Pro Series heated gloves are now available on Amazon at retail prices ranging from $129 to $169. Customers can take advantage of the new gloves promotion to enjoy 20% off by using the code 20J13Y1A until October 22nd.

About Neberon

Neberon is now the 'New Born' leader in technical heated apparel. Born from a relentless passion to break the boundaries of warmth and style, Neberon has mastered the art of keeping every life adventurer cozy from hand to foot, indoors and outdoors. From the most versatile gloves to the most specific, Neberon perfectly meets the needs of international skiers and avid outdoor enthusiasts with products whose elegance contrasts with the radicalness of their function, ensuring warmth and comfort even in the extreme cold of alpine summits and remote backcountry hiking. Neberon's heated apparel accompanies international skiers and outdoor enthusiasts on their expeditions to the world's finest landscapes. Join Neberon in our quest to redefine warmth and style in the great outdoors. Heat up your style.

Sam Draper
October 24, 2023

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