mioPOD: Advanced Heart Rate Monitor for Elite Performance Training

Portland, OR-based performance wearables maker MIO has launched mioPOD, an...

Image: MIO Labs

Portland, OR-based performance wearables maker MIO has launched mioPOD, an advanced heart rate monitor that provides accurate heart rate tracking for performance training. mioPOD uses optical sensors by Valencell, a company that is an exhibitor of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Series.

Aimed at elite athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts, the wristband-type wearable device is meant to be worn on the upper arm or forearm. It delivers reliable heart rate monitoring, haptic alerts and glanceable color zones for real-time heart rate intensity.

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mioPOD was designed to capture accurate heart rate during intense exercises, such as cycling, high intensity interval training, gym and personal trainer workouts, body resistance, weight training, TRX, resistance training and for any athlete serious about performance training, said the company in a press release.

Since it is worn on your arm rather than your wrist, mioPOD is more resilient to blood flow, generating a more consistent signal with less noise and allows for reliable heart rate tracking. While wrist-based devices perform well on flat roads or during even-paced exercises, they are often susceptible to inaccuracies during irregular exercises and training.

Image: MIO Labs

"We set out to create a performance training tracker for those serious about personal training, delivering EKG-accurate heart rate data at performance-level speeds without the need for an uncomfortable chest strap," said MIO Vice President of Sales, Marcelo Aller. "Our mission for the last two decades has been to empower everyone to reach his or her goals using our innovative technology, to achieve personal records, better themselves, and – most importantly – to train with heart."

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Some of the features include:

Cardio Pilot. A glanceable technology with color zones that delivers real-time heart rate intensity, helping to keep the user in their cardio zone, according to their personal training goals.

Haptic Alerts. Warns the user if the signal is on, low battery status or when they simply traversed into a new selected cardio training zone.

Recovery Time Advisor. Predicts the amount of time required to be in a ready state for the next challenging effort

Training Load. Delivers report on how hard the athlete has been working over the past week, calculating the accumulated impact of all heart rate recorded training.

Valencell Optical Sensor. mioPOD uses Valencell Optical technology, an ultra-low-power tech that provides more accurate signal process of heart beat.

Sam Draper
October 28, 2019

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