MetaEstate Officially Promulgated Integrated Planning of Satoshi Island in Cryptovoxels Metaverse

World famous metaverse builder MetaEstate officially promulgated integrated planning of Satoshi ...

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World famous Metaverse builder MetaEstate officially promulgated integrated planning of Satoshi island in Cryptovoxels metaverse. According to the plan, the island shall be divided into four areas by two central axis lines in Satoshi island as split lines, thus building high-end residences, a fund town, leisure and entertainment, and an art town. Based on the increasing market demand for Metaverse, MetaEstate will reasonably regulate land use, build premium architecture, introduce prestigious IP, exploit usage scenarios, implement marketing promotion, and so on to activate and enrich four areas, therefore forging Satoshi island into one of "Digital Utopia" series towns.

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In the world of Cryptovoxels, Satoshi island is located on the northwest side of Origin City, with its axis 700W, 350N in the center, whose island is 33658 square meters and owns 357 plots. The data from shows that the average land price of Satoshi island has reached 0.0194 ETH/㎡, ranking top among average prices in Cryptovoxels. Moreover, the total value of Satoshi island has as well reached 653.9 ETH, following Origin City. These figures prove Satoshi island in the Cryptovoxels world is the most sought-after and most heated-bidding area. Up to now, enterprises and institutions like RocketDollar, Cryptomeria Captial, Waterdrip Capital, Deeper Network, CryptoArt.Ai, and so on have already settled down in Satoshi island.

Integrated planning of Satoshi island

The northwest area of Satoshi island belongs to the high-end residence, having been built with high-end villas including Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn. In the future, MetaEstate shall construct more smart living housing of Metaverse and related living facilities architecture, ingenious design, or architectural aesthetics leading the Metaverse world.

The southwest area of Satoshi island belongs to the fund town and its headquarters. Various famous funds and institutions have been introduced to settle in like RocketDollar, Cryptomeria Captial, Cryptogram Venture, Waterdrip Capital, Blueberry Labs HQ, NFT Lion Cubs, ME HQ, MerkleTree, and so on, this area is planned to become a well-known financial and enterprise block in Metaverse.

The northwest area of Satoshi island belongs to leisure and entertainment. So far this area has already constructed facilities including Street Art Social Club, Klay Ape Club, THE CROWD, with playing and leisure functions offered by this area. In the coming days, the buildings here will manifest the abstract imagination of the architects, more mutual and entertaining ways are waiting for explorers to experience them to their full extent.

The southeast area of Satoshi island belongs to an art town, with CLTR Gallery, Bored Mummy, METACHI Gallery, Ting Song Museum, and so on having settled in. In the future, there will be more and more galleries, exhibition halls, museums, and art sculptures to attract art lovers in the Metaverse to gather and create here.

"Digital Utopia" Plan

MetaEstate plans to forge Satoshi island into a comprehensive city among the whole Metaverse in the lead to meet all the demands of Satoshi residents and visitors. "Digital Utopia" series town including Satoshi island is a revolutionary experiment and has a profound influence on Metaverse's development.

As is known, later MetaEstate will officially promulgate the architectural planning of Miami island.

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According to a report in August 2021, MetaEstate has bought in amounting to about 1.5 million dollars around 200 blocks in succession in Cryptovoxels Metaverse. Till now it increases its holding and is estimated to hold more than 400 blocks of Cryptovoxels Metaverse block. (According to statistics, the single address of Cryptovoxels Metaverse holding the number of Top 1 is only 169 blocks)

About MetaEstate

MetaEstate concentrates on offering Metaverse architecture service, absorbed in enriching content construction of Metaverse and thus reasonably regulating land use, building premium architecture, introducing prestigious IP, exploiting usage scenarios, implementing marketing promotion, and so on. Users can explore the Meteverse with the help of MetaEstate, including constructing all kinds of delicate architecture, customized wearable devices, and enjoying the service of property management.

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December 17, 2021

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