Loxam Buys One Hundred Ironhand Units to Evaluate Potential for Rental in French Market

French equipment and tools rental company Loxam has conducted a joint project...

Image: Bioservo

French equipment and tools rental company Loxam has conducted a joint project with Bioservo and Eiffage to evaluate the potential for rental of Ironhand® on the French market. The pilot, which finished in early December, has far exceeded the expectations and the demand for solutions to ensure the safety of workers has proven to be high.

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“At Loxam, the key priority is to support customers in creating safe workplaces by providing a wide range of protective solutions,” says Stéphane Henon, General Manager at Loxam. “We want to be a leader in our industry by being our customer's first choice rental partner. A product like Ironhand is highly requested on the French market and will be a great complement to our other products. We are now taking the next step with Bioservo and are excited to extend our cooperation and roll out Ironhand nationwide.”

France is a global leader within exoskeletons and has the highest adoption rate for implementing new technology. Due to legislation, employers are obliged to work proactively with health and provide solutions to ensure the safety of their employees. To prevent occupational diseases and accidents, organizations such as INRS and AFNOR support the companies with studies and research, standards and training as well as technical, legal, medical and documentary expertise, Bioservo said in a press release.

Image: Loxam

Bioservo and Loxam signed an exclusive rental agreement, confirming Loxam's firm desire to promote the Ironhand system all over France. The system will be available for rental in the twelve largest cities - Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Toulon, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes and Rouen. The estimated value of the products and services within the agreement is approximately 5 million SEK.

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“We strive to work with companies that share our values and want to make a difference for workers by investing in the future. Loxam is that type of company and we look forward to continuing our collaboration. Most importantly, we are extremely happy and proud to be a part of creating safe workplaces in France,” said Petter Bäckgren, CEO Bioservo.

Sam Draper
December 27, 2019

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