Keyble – The World’s First Wearable With Fingerprint Authentication for Contactless Payments

Italian fintech startup Flywallet unveiled Keyble – a wearable device that incorporates biometric...

Photo credit: Flywallet

Italian fintech startup Flywallet unveiled Keyble – a wearable device that incorporates biometric authentication capabilities allowing users to make contactless payments and use digital services.

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Keyble can be inserted into fashion accessories such as bracelets or watch straps in order to adapt itself to the users’ lifestyle. Through fingerprint authentication, the user can use the device to enable, for example, payments in stores, password-less login to online services, ticketing for public transport, loyalty cards, access to gyms, offices, and home, opening cars and digital identity (eID) support.

The innovation also features biosensing technology so users can keep track of, and securely share data about their vital signs. Flywallet says it hopes to make vital sign monitoring and the cardiac arrhythmias functionality medical grade by the end of 2021, reports TechRadar.

The Flywallet Platform, through its proprietary wearables, can connect all the ecosystems in one allowing a seamless phygital experience:

  • Fintech: using the Mobile Wallet, users can tokenize the payment cards inside their wearables and make contactless in-store payments;
  • Digital Health and Insurance: from the vital sign monitoring and the cardiac arrhythmias (with medical-grade by the end of 2021), users can share relevant data with their physician or Insurance company;
  • Physical & Logic Access Control: to help ensure the physical and digital security for companies and private users.

Flywallet is focusing also on sustainability: the case of the wearable is made of aluminum and a recycled plastic composite material, while the straps are made in Italy using apple skin, recycled microfiber and fabric coated with recycled marble powder.

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Flywallet is an innovative Italian fintech startup that connects payment, mobility and health services by enclosing them in a single ecosystem and putting security first, thanks to biometrics and IoT technologies.

Sam Draper
April 8, 2021

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