Infrafon Smart Badge Connected by Sequans’ Monarch Technology

Sequans Communications announced that Infrafon is using its Monarch cellular IoT technology to...

Image: Infrafon

Sequans Communications announced that Infrafon is using its Monarch cellular IoT technology to connect its award-winning Infrafon CC1 Smart Badge, an intelligent name tag introduced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress.

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The Infrafon CC1 Smart Badge is a computerized name tag with smartphone functions that are fully controlled in the cloud. It can be worn as a wearable on clothing where it can ensure visual identification of the wearer through its e-paper display, and can contain a wide variety of desired information, including personalized credentials, appointment details, healthcare data, geofencing parameters, NFC credentials, and more. Sequans’ Monarch 2 GM02S LTE-M/NB-IoT module provides the cellular IoT connectivity that enables the Infrafon Smart Badge to remain always connected via the highly reliable LTE-M cellular network, according to a press release.

“The Infrafon Smart Badge is a truly innovative personal communication system with a multitude of uses, for example, in healthcare and workplace safety,” said Louis Chuang, EVP of Sequans’ Massive IoT Business Unit. “It can perform all of the advanced smartphone functions you can imagine, but without the need of a smartphone, making it one of the most interesting IoT connected devices we’ve seen this year.”

“We selected Sequans’ Monarch module to connect our Smart Badge because it is the most advanced cellular IoT connectivity solution available today, with unmatched low power consumption, highly secure iSIM, and proven reliability,” said Frieder Hanson, Infrafon founder and CEO. “The ultra-low power consumption of Monarch allows the Smart Badge to run for many days without user intervention, making it extremely simple to use, which was one of our most important design goals.”

Image: Sequans

The Infrafon CCI is a tiny CC1 smart badge device that weighs only 50g, close to credit card size, and is equipped with a high res 600×480 pixel interactive e-paper screen. All familiar smartphone functions can be managed remotely OTA and centrally by the operator. The device user can interact with multiple DataView tasks or can answer questions. Device users have no access to the device´s functional setup details. This Infrafon design principle provides stability and efficiency to the operator´s processes.  For more information, visit the Infrafon CCI web page.

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Infrafon is using Sequans’ second-generation LTE-M/NB-IoT module, Monarch 2 GM02S, that delivers ultra-low power consumption and a very high level of security. Monarch 2 GM02S is the world’s only cellular IoT module supporting an EAL5+ secure enclave for integrated SIM (ieUICC) capability that is compliant with GSMA standards. The module also supports a single rail power supply starting at 2.2 V, the lowest level in the industry, allowing for better efficiency of the internal power management unit, further reducing power consumption, and lowering battery and BOM costs.  For full product details, visit Sequans’ Monarch 2 GM02S web page.

About Sequans

Sequans Communications is a leading developer and supplier of cellular IoT connectivity solutions, providing chips and modules for 5G/4G massive and broadband IoT. For 5G/4G massive IoT applications, Sequans provides a comprehensive product portfolio based on its flagship Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT and Calliope Cat 1 chip platforms, featuring industry-leading low power consumption, a large set of integrated functionalities, and global deployment capability. For 5G/4G broadband IoT applications, Sequans offers a product portfolio based on its Cassiopeia Cat 4/Cat 6 4G and high-end Taurus 5G chip platforms, optimized for low-cost residential, enterprise, and industrial applications. Founded in 2003, Sequans is based in Paris, France with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

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April 13, 2022

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