Fujitsu and Salesforce Team Up on Healthcare Solutions

Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan partnered up to create new digital solutions for the healthcare sector.

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Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd. announced the start of a collaboration to create new digital solutions for the healthcare sector in the Japanese market.

The two companies will promote this initiative by leveraging Fujitsu's expertise in the trusted handling of medical and pharmaceutical data and computing technologies and Salesforce Japan's track record and expertise as an industry leader in customer relationship management (CRM), Fujitsu said in a press release.

As the first step of their collaboration, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will work together to develop digital solutions for insurance companies in Japan. The two companies will cooperate with insurance companies and medical institutions to support the development of insurance products that optimize the risk assessment of diseases by individuals based on data such as the possibility of diseases predicted by AI from medical and health data. The two parties aim for the commercialization of the new solutions in Japan in fiscal 2023.

Through the new solutions, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will support the establishment of new product models for insurance companies and promote the broad use of personalized insurance products. The two companies thereby aim to contribute to the resolution of societal and economic issues including health concerns related to a variety of diseases associated with the extending life expectancy of individuals, the increase in treatment costs due to advanced medical care, and the cost of living in the retirement period.


As society confronts the challenges presented by declining birth rates, aging populations, new threats to public health, and changing lifestyles, insurance companies are working to provide personalized insurance products that are more closely tailored to each applicant’s unique needs. To contribute to this effort, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan, which started comprehensive cooperation on a global level in 2010, decided to further strengthen their relationship and expand their business through collaborative efforts to create solutions in the healthcare field.

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Through the development of AI solutions that can predict individual disease risks, the two companies aim to support the development of optimized insurance products based on medical and health data provided by insurers and healthcare providers and to optimize business processes across the entire insurance business. In this way, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will support insurance companies in offering prospective policyholders optimal insurance products and creating a new insurance model based on personal data that also covers prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Roles and responsibilities within the collaboration


  • Development of a system in cooperation with medical institutions that enables the trusted use of medical data from electronic medical records based on the consent of patients
  • Development of personalized healthcare services based on Fujitsu’s own analysis to detect signs of a specific disease by utilizing “Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS),” a service portfolio that makes it easy for users to take advantage of advanced computing and software technologies such as AI

Salesforce Japan:

  • Comprehensive integration and analysis of a wide range of patient medical data to visualize the patient journey
  • Application of products to realize personalized medical experiences and patient-centered digital transformation (DX) (including “Health Cloud,” a healthcare industry-specific CRM system that serves as the axis of patient-centric DX; “MuleSoft,” to integrate external data and “Tableau,” to analyze patient data)

Future plans

Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will jointly develop digital solutions for insurance companies in Japan and aim for commercialization in fiscal 2023. Moving forward, the two companies will continue to pursue various initiatives to contribute to further innovations in the healthcare sector. Fujitsu will work with insurance companies, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers to build a digital health ecosystem in which a wide range of data can be effectively linked and used with the latest digital technology in order to realize personalized healthcare throughout the entire life cycle. This initiative represents part of Fujitsu’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the creation of a healthy society as part of its vision for “Healthy Living” under its global business brand Fujitsu Uvance to create a sustainable world.

Salesforce aims to realize “Connected Healthcare,” which provides innovative and optimal healthcare to patients on an ongoing basis by connecting various healthcare stakeholders with patients through its “Health Cloud.”

Yoshinami Takahashi, (Corporate Executive Officer, EVP) Fujitsu Limited, comments: “We are excited to start the collaboration with Salesforce Japan in the healthcare field. By leveraging our respective strengths, I am confident that we can develop and provide innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges and tasks in this field."

The vision of “Healthy Living,” one of the key focus areas under our global business brand Fujitsu Uvance is to create a world that enriches the life experience of everyone and continues to expand their potential. In order to realize this vision, it is essential to solve cross-cutting issues among consumers, insurance companies, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other players. Fujitsu will create a digital health ecosystem to effectively link the data held by these players at the initiative of individuals to create new value and ultimately solve various issues.

Through this collaboration, we ultimately aim to deliver new solutions under our portfolio of “Healthy Living” offerings, contributing not only to the transformation of healthcare in Japan but throughout the whole world.”

Hidenori Tamura (Managing ExecutiveOfficer), Salesforce Japan Co., Ltd., Enterprise Finance & Region DX SalesHeadquarters comments: "There is a gap between the healthcare services demanded by consumers and the services actually provided. Salesforce research shows that more than 80% of consumers are interested in personalized health services, while only about 30% of companies actually provide them. To meet the needs of consumers, it is essential for various players in the industry to connect and collaborate with patients to create solutions. We have positioned our “Health Cloud” as a solution where patients and healthcare players can connect and where healthcare players can create new solutions and values together. Through our solutions centering on the“Health Cloud,” we will promote patient-centered DX in Japan. As a major step towards achieving this goal, we will work with Fujitsu to provide innovative healthcare services and experiences that are optimal for each patient."

Furthermore, Amit Khanna SVP & GM, Health Care and LifeSciences, Salesforce, Inc. comments: “Care is not just about one moment in time - care is longitudinal. In order to transition to more preventative, holistic care, the healthcare industry needs to embrace more connected, collaborative solutions and start integrating data from across different healthcare platforms to get a full picture of the patient. With this integrated end-to-end view, the healthcare industry can start working towards delivering personalized, tailored care to every patient.”

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. Their range of services and solutions draw on five key technologies: Computing, Networks, AI, Data & Security, and Converging Technologies, which we bring together to deliver sustainability transformation.

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