Galaxy Wear App Update Reveals Samsung Is Working On Galaxy Buds Pro Successor

With the Galaxy Wearable App, Samsung has a central solution for all of the manufacturer's wear...

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With the Galaxy Wearable App, Samsung has a central solution for all of the manufacturer's wearables. The Galaxy Wearable app is a bridge between Samsung’s wearables and phones. And that means that every time a new device is released, Samsung has to add support for it within that app.

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Sometimes, if we look really closely, we end up lucky enough to spot the changes Samsung makes in anticipation of a still-unannounced device. Sure enough, it has now received an update again, which prompted the colleagues from Android Police to sniff the code. Why not, because if an update is published for such an app, information about new functions or devices could appear.

In the teardown of the most recent Galaxy Wearable APK, Android Police found references to Galaxy Buds2.

The teardown also shows that the earbuds are codenamed “berry” and that they’ll be able to connect to multiple devices, reports Android Authority. The Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Plus, and Galaxy Buds Pro are also mentioned in the APK file, suggesting that the Buds 2 are indeed a new pair and not related to any older models.

Talking about Galaxy Buds Plus, the wearable device got Auto Switch feature for compatible Samsung handsets as a part of a firmware update.

Furthermore, the code lines also suggest that the Galaxy Buds 2 will be able to connect to non-Samsung devices.

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Unfortunately, there is currently no further information about it, it is clear that these Buds2 will replace the previous Galaxy Buds. Let's see when we will find the first leaks because as of now, we have no idea when the Galaxy Buds 2 will launch. The Galaxy Buds Pro are fairly new, but Samsung has a bunch of things left to unpack this year, so we may see them in the coming months.

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April 23, 2021

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